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25 Day Meme - Day 5

Title: 25 Day Meme - Day 5
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *none*
Genre: Meme!
Word Count: 230

Summary: Snurched from [profile] sqidgiepdx here: http://squidgiepdx.livejournal.com/144344.html

Prompt: Name a fandom that you thought you'd get into, but didn't


Maybe Supernatural. I've read enough fan fic over time -- it is a huge fandom, and there's lots of fic -- that I thought that maybe I should actually watch the show.

The problem is that I really don't like scary things, and Supernatural really runs enough over that line that I have to kind of gird myself to watch the show.

And I've become a Dean/Cas fan (really, the Wincest is kinda skeevy!) and when I asked around after making it through season 1 and no sign of Castiel, it turns out that Cas doesn't show up until season 4! So 3 more seasons of borderline too-scary shows is really more than I can take.

I know enough about Supernatural to know it really builds from season to season in huge story arcs. I could try again from season 4, just to see Cas, but the spookiness of it really isn't my cup of tea.

Doesn't stop me from reading the fic semi-regularly, although I've become more choosy about it. There's some cool fic that did make me watch what I did of the show, but it's not enough to keep me watching. I've watched a small handful of semi-current episodes, mostly because Cas is pretty to watch. And the AU stories are fun, because clueless Cas and oblivious Dean make for cuteness.

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