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25 Day Meme - Day 4

Title: 25 Day Meme - Day 4
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *none*
Genre: Meme!
Word Count: 250

Summary: Snurched from [profile] sqidgiepdx here: http://squidgiepdx.livejournal.com/144344.html

Prompt: Name your favorite guilty-pleasure show.

Teen Wolf. Pure and simple.

[personal profile] zoemathemata talked about TW at Squee weekend a couple of years ago. She said -- and it's almost true -- you can turn off the sound and just watch for the pretty. And, it's just about true, the cast is really pretty.

And, omg, most of the actors are young enough to be my grandchildren. Oh, now that I've said that out loud, that's almost creepy. Although, now that I looked at his real age, I could be a cougar the Sheriff is dating... ::grin:: Am not too old for him!

For some of the younger actors, this is their first real acting job, but they're not bad. Although the 20-something actors pretending to be in high school is going to get even more awkward the longer the show goes on. One of the main actresses agreed to be killed off so she could leave the show. At almost 30, she decided it was tough to pretend to be 16 any longer, and wanted to do new things.

Although I will admit I have something of a crush on Dylan O'Brien (Stiles). He's such a cute... and, damn, I have to admit that I bought the books for "The Maze Runner" just because he was in the movie! I've been so busy writing that I haven't had time to read more than the first chapter. There may be a review -- if I ever get through it.

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