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25 Day Meme - Day 3

Title: 25 Day Meme - Day 3
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *none*
Genre: Meme!
Word Count: 200

Summary: Snurched from [profile] sqidgiepdx here: http://squidgiepdx.livejournal.com/144344.html

Prompt: Name your favorite pairings that you can't write, or haven't written yet

There is both a pairing I haven't written and one I'm not sure I can write.

I have written only 1 minor fic for Teen Wolf and the focus wasn't even Stiles/Derek (it was mostly the Sheriff!) but I keep thinking about what I could do with them... I'm pretty sure I can do the voices but the reality is that I hesitate to get *that* invested in another fandom.

Teen Wolf, with it's supernatural elements, lends itself to a wide variety of story lines. And the AUs possibilities are endless.

The huge attraction to TW is both the pretty (if you've seen them, Stiles and Derek are *very* pretty!) and the show is still on the air! So there's still new canon coming out!

The pairing that I'm not sure about is Spock/Kirk (Star Trek - reboot). Part of it is spreading my writing time out even further. But I think Spock -- a well done Spock -- requires more than I can do without some work. I might try it at some point, but I'm currently happy reading everyone else's Kirk/Spock.

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