goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Packed Away (G)

Title: Packed Away

Author: goddess47

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Future!Fic; Character Death ::sniff::

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: For the mcfleece Challenge -- if I write more it will be longer than the ficlet...

Note: Also for Nathalie's birthday -- thank you for being a good friend!

"... you were in this fleece telling me to picture where we were ..."

Rodney remembered the first time he saw John..... in the chair in Antarctica.... Rodney remembered that fleece... it was warm but he remembered the chill that ran up his spine as John -- Major, then! -- made the chair do things they never thought it could...

He had packed that fleece away when they went to Atlantis ... when they finally moved to Atlantis permanently it showed up in the myriad of mystery-boxes delivered by the SGC.....

"... even then all I saw were blue eyes ..."

It was a bit crushed and musty but the look in John's eyes when he held it up..... Now that they didn't need to wear uniforms unless they wanted, Rodney wore the fleece whenever he had a chance.

"... the orange made your shoulders look even broader ..."

When Rodney had a similar fleece -- in black, of course -- made up for John, John's delight was all the thanks he needed. John put it on and good thing they were alone since Rodney couldn't keep his hands off it -- or off John. It wasn't long before the fleece joined the rest of their clothes on the floor....

"... you never did stop talking ..."

Over the years, the fleece came out on a semi-regular basis. They'd laugh when they both wore them at the same time without planning. On more than one occasion when that happened, they were very late to whatever they happened to be going....

"... then I figured out how to get you to put that mouth to better use ..."

When he helped their granddaughter -- John's favorite although he never would admit to it -- pack up John's things, Rodney couldn't part with the fleece... he put it next to his.... that he never wore again....


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