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25 Day Meme - Day 1

Title: 25 Day Meme - Day 1
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers) *text*
Genre: Meme!
Word Count: 250

Summary: Snurched from [profile] sqidgiepdx here: http://squidgiepdx.livejournal.com/144344.html (on LJ)

Prompt: Name your favorite characters from different fandoms

Hmm... this is going to make me think of my fandoms... every time I try to say, "I really only follow a couple of fandoms," I start to make a list and there's quite the bunch. So these are the most interesting or most active fandoms.

Stargate: Atlantis -- my first 'active' fandom and where I started writing slash. Characters: McKay, Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla -- of course, But I love the secondary characters of Woolsey, Chuck, Lorne, Cadman, and Beckett. I loved Elizabeth Weir but TPTB took her in such weird direction, and by then I became a slasher, so while I mourned her loss, it wasn't traumatic.

Stargate: SG1 Jack O'Neill! Sigh. I adore Jack O'Neill. But Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c are favorites. And Walter! Again, a great ensemble cast.

Harry Potter: Harry, of course. Minerva McGonigal -- if I were only as bad-ass as she could be. Severus Snape is endlessly fascinating.

Teen Wolf: I started watching for the 'pretty' and the fan fiction is endlessly better than the show, but, well, it is pretty! While I adore Stiles and Derek, I want to be the Sheriff when I grow up.

Sherlock (BBC): John and Sherlock, of course. But Greg Lestrade is fun!

Person of Interest: John Reese and Harold Finch, but Shaw and Root are fun! And The Machine is a character on her own.

Star Trek (reboot): Spock and Kirk but also Bones and Scotty.

I also read fan fic in the Supernatural, Skyfall, and Buffy fandoms, but to a lesser extent.

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Oh man... I love Shaw from PoI! I may get brave one of these days and write some Root/Shaw femmeslash. We shall see!
Oh, yeah, the Shaw/Root UST is so obvious... and I suspect their backgrounds make them both very, umm, flexible!

Go for it!
I may get brave one of these days and write some Root/Shaw femmeslash

Write it, write it! :D

I actually woke up one night with an AU idea for the pair, where the world would be a better place and they could get together like the almost normal people they are ;) (I don't think my brain can handle shipping Root as she is now, but that AU idea stole my heart)
Oh man, this meme looks fun! I'm going to have to give it a whirl! I love finding out what/who other people love, especially when I wasn't aware of a mutual appreciation!
I did Snowflake last year and while that was fun, this is more interested for the folk on my flist, I think. And Snowflake just didn't enthuse me as much as this did!

It's fun to have a chance to write meta once in a while and this was a good way to do it. Sometimes, it's a good head exercise to think about why I do what I do!

And, heck, it's simple enough! Try it!
I will!

And you're right, it's fun to think about why you love something and write a little meta about it. :-)
I love both SGA and SG1 and the multitude of wonderful characters. (Daniel is my SG1 favourite, I have a serious thing for smart men :D)

Person of Interest! \o/ I still love the show, though I'm a little behind of late. Great characters, and I love the Machine vs. Samaritan plot, though I hope things won't end too terribly...

I also seem to recall you liking NCIS too, or has that changed? (I know the show has gone through a lot, but I still enjoy it ^_^)