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The year in writing...

2014 was pretty much an ugly year personally... I'm not going to bore anyone with details, but I'm just glad 2014 is over! Squee week was the highlight of the year, although going to Creation Con was equally cool!

Here's hoping for a better 2015.

On the other hand, it turns out 2014 was a relatively decent writing year.

Filling Empty Spaces - SGA - McKay/Sheppard (3136 words)
For 2013 SGA_Santa
Summary: "Where'd everything go?" John asked, looking around the mostly empty room. "Not like you to put stuff in storage."

Surprise! Or Not! - Teen Wolf - Stiles/Derek (600 words)
For 2014 Snowflake Challenge, Day 11
Summary: Years of experience in law enforcement had taught John Stillinski a lot about being patient, as well as how to read body language.

Hazardous Duty - SGA - McKay/Sheppard (600 words)
For Romancing McShep
Summary: "It's your turn," John announced to Rodney.

Bound to Freedom - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (11,700 words)
For snarryglompfest
Summary: Harry has detention on a Saturday with Snape, until suddenly, it was something more.

The Puddlejumper Variations - Stargate: Atlantis - McKay/Sheppard (2934 words)
For SGA_Reverse Bang
Summary: "It's a variation of Zelenka's wormhole drive, sized so it can be put into a Jumper," Rodney replied smugly.

Finding a New Home - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus - Stargate Atlantis - McKay/Sheppard (22,951 words)
For the Road Not Taken Fest on snape_potter
Summary: After finishing off Voldemort, Harry wanted nothing more than to protect Severus Snape -- and for both of them be left alone. Neither thought they'd end up in another galaxy.

Time Well Spent - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (200 words)
For snarry100 prompt: Ambition
Summary:"I just don't have the ambition to do anything."

Rosemary, For Rememberance - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (200 words)
For hp_halloween
Summary: The wards Harry placed after the War allowed no one else to tend to the graves

A Helpful Nudge - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (700 words)
Summary: Harry and Severus meet at the Annual Ministry Birthday Ball.

Embrace the Silence - Stargate Atlantis - McKay/Sheppard (3,078 words)
For apocalypse_kree
Summary: “What asshole forgot that this was an international expedition?”

It's Not Just Technique - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (200 words)
For torino10154 Blow Job Black Friday
It had been very early in their relationship when Severus learned that Harry had never been on the receiving end of fellatio.

More Than Getting Off - Stargate: Atlantis - McKay/Sheppard (400 words)
For torino10154 Blow Job Black Friday
John thought he knew blow jobs.

Advent 2014 Fic - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (3297 words)
For adventdrabble fics -- short drabbles written to a variety of prompts

No Room in the Inn - Stargate Atlantis - Lorne/Parrish (1440 words)
For the 12 Days of Lorne on slashing_lorne
Summary: Poor Evan is sick as they're about to leave to visit David's family at Christmas time

Sharp Eyed Children - Harry Potter - Harry/Severus (1003 words)
For torino10154 who mod'd the Snarry exchange but no one picked her prompt
Summary - Albus Severus plays matchmaker and enlists the help of his siblings and cousins to bring his dad together with Severus. What he doesn't know is....

This totals to 52,439 posted words for the year.

It doesn't include these exchange fic: Secret Snarry Swap, SGA_Santa (2 fic) and Mini-Fest (2 fic).

I also participated in two of Keira Marco's writing projects. In April, I wrote most of "Undercover Boss" (about 20K) and in August, I wrote most of "Pennant Race" (about 10K) -- one of which I may finish for this year's Romancing McShep.

So, in the end, it's close to 90K for the year! Go, me!

Here's to an equally prolific 2015 and a better year personally!
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