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Letters from Elizabeth: Letter to Rodney (PG)

Title: Letters from Elizabeth: Letter to Rodney

Author: goddess47

Rating: PG

Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler for beginning of season 4

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard - eventually

Summary: Elizabeth left behind letters for her friends....

John's call distracted Rodney from the experiment he was running. He didn't have to look to know that Elizabeth had left him a message and he wanted to be sure he would be alone when he read it. Rodney shut down his work and went back to his quarters.

As he expected, there was a message waiting for him.


Thank you for doing this for me. You've been a good friend and now that I'm gone, I need you to do one thing for me. Talk to John. Don't shake your head at me like that. Yes, I know all the reasons to not say anything are still there, but.... Life is too short. I've sent him to you.

Never stop fighting for what is right, for what you believe in. Your passion for science and for life is what kept this expedition alive. Thank you doesn't cover my gratitude for your skills and your friendship.


PS - I guess I need a second favor, sorry. Take care of Radek? He's going to need a friend now that I'm gone.

As he finished reading the message there was a knock at his door.

"Come in," Rodney said, resigned.

John came in and the door shut behind him. He stood by the door but didn't say anything. Rodney could see the hazel eyes appraising him curiously but didn't look away.

"Elizabeth told you to come here, didn't she?" Rodney asked.

"She said you had a 'big secret,'" John mimed the air-quotes. "I'm supposed to ask you." John shrugged helplessly.

"Not her secret to share," Rodney declared firmly, not moving from his desk, not giving John a clue. Not giving John any hope. "She wasn't supposed to tell you anything."

"I know.... but..... well," John let that hang between them and waited. He knew sometimes you had to let Rodney think through the options. He worked well under pressure but John knew this time Rodney needed some space. When he decided Rodney wasn't going to say anything else, John offered, "If you ever want to..... you know.... You know where to find me."

John turned and left Rodney's room without another word. As the door closed behind him, John didn't see Rodney drop his head into his hands.

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Ah, Rodney! Quit being so dang stubborn!
Stubborn is good, this is just the wrong thing to be stubborn about! Thanks!
Ahhhh! Stupid Rodney!
For a genius, sometimes...... ;-)
*needs to smack the boys upside the head like whoa*

I love this series, I don't know if I've said before, but I've meant to.
Smack them both around, will you?

So glad you like this... thanks! ;-)
*slaps Rodney for being stupid*
*holds him still to be an easier target*


Aw hell

This is an excellent fic. I love the style you're using, and am eagerly looking forward to the message for Radek.
I have to think that Elizabeth had revised her message to him as the nature of their relationship changed and grew.
Keep it coming, hon.

Re: Aw hell

Aww. thanks! And, yes, Radek is in the queue..... more coming...

Yup, I'm screaming at the man, wanting to shake him, smartest person in two galaxies, Canadian or no Canadian. Wah!

I hope you're proud of yourself, leaving us all glum about Rodney not spilling. Le sigh. Otherwise, it's been a wonderful series, including the undeliverable letter.

But, BTW, there's a teeny typo in the last pgph that I've fixed: John turned and left Rodney's room .....

Exasperated?!? but treatable hugs,

*scurries off to fix -- thanks*

They are very frustrating, aren't they? But, there's hope and more to come!
GAH! *feels need to smack Rodney upside the head and scream FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!*

*curls up in a ball and waits for more*

*pets you while waiting patiently*

oh eep! Come on boys!

Lovely as usual! Thanks!
eep is right! Thanks...
love it!
but nooo! Rodney! do you have to be so cowardly and indecisive??

But Rodney has other reasons for not sharing his secret.... we just don't know them yet... ;-)
I am completely awed by you.

*waits for next installment*
Oh, my! Thank you.... more coming soon!
Ah, Rodney, come on...

It's not the end, right? Tell me it isn't?
*pets you* No, it's not the end.... coming....
Rodney has his reasons... whether they make sense in the long run, that's another thing......

Why thank you! High praise indeed.....

Come on, Rodney,tell him. I loved Elizabeth's request for Rodney to look after Radek. You also gave us Woobie Rodney. Great chapter.
Woobie Rodney is so much fun.... thanks!
So close! You can do it Rodney - tell him!! Looking forward to the next one... cep xxx
Rodney, Rodney, Rodney. ::sigh:: I figured it would be too easy and quick for him to actually say it. Rodney's always got to be difficult. But I hope you've got lots more coming!
They're men... it's never easy. And two of them... sigh, also! Yup, more coming!
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