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Snuggling in Front of the Fire, G, Snarry

Title: Snuggling in Front of the Fire
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, sap
Word Count: 200

Notes: For [community profile] adventdrabbles Day 1 and for Bathilda Bagshot's Bingo on [profile] hp_goldenage: ashes

Harry brought out a bottle of red wine.

"It's a Muggle wine," Harry offered. "But it's supposed to be nice."

"Always interested in trying new vintages," Severus agreed. "You've found some very nice wines over the years."

"Can I lure you into sitting in front of the fire with me?" Harry grinned.

"I can be persuaded," Severus replied. He enlarged the chaise near the fireplace.

"We should have bought that double lounger when I saw it," Harry muttered.

"Stop grumbling, and come and sit with me," Severus patted the seat next to him.

Harry handed Severus his glass and sat down. Severus' arm went around Harry's shoulders, and Harry snuggled close.

"This is nice," Severus commented after a sip of wine.

"Rosmerta suggested it," Harry explained. "She thought we'd like it."

"Do you have anything special going on tomorrow?" Severus asked.

"Not really," Harry said. "Thought I'd work in the Library for a bit."

"I have two special orders for potions," Severus admitted. "It shouldn't be all day, but one needs a couple of hours of steeping over low heat. I'll be in the lab most of the day."

They sat tangled together, watching the fire burn down to ash.

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Tags: 2014, hp, snarry

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