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Letters from Elizabeth: [[Message Undeliverable]]

Title: Letter from Elizabeth: [[Message Undeliverable]]

Author: goddess47

Rating: PG

Warnings/Spoilers: Spoiler for beginning of season 4

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: Elizabeth left letters behind for her friends

Others in the series: Letter to Samantha, Letter to John umm... read these first if you haven't...

[[Message Undeliverable]]

Dear Carson,

This is silly since I am gone and know you are gone, yet.....

We, no, I, it was I who pushed you so hard that I need to apologize. You wanted to be in Atlantis, what you did not want was the horror of having to save the lives of your friends over and over again and for that I am sorry. From the beginning you came with us for your research but none of us anticipated the Wraith and what that would do and I know it was hard on you to have to cross that line again and again. We asked so much and you never said 'no' -- you could have stopped us but you didn't because you understood what we were fighting for.

I wish things had been different .. that you had not died that horrid day. I raged for hours at the Ancients and their stupid, stupid machines. What a waste. I do hope that Rodney is right and that you have Ascended and are watching over us. I hope you can come back to them some day......

You would be proud of Jennifer Keller. She has stepped up to being Chief Medical Officer, very nervously as you might suspect. But she does you proud -- she fights a good fight and you have left us in good hands.

I must tell you, for I can tell no one else, that I have sent John to Rodney. I can hear you saying 'about time' -- I do hope John doesn't back down since we both know Rodney will not give in easily.

I miss you....

Tags: mcshep, pg

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