goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Into the Briar Patch (PG)

Title: Into the Briar Patch

Author: goddess47

Rating: PG -- for swears

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Summary: John has gotten some particularly bad news....

Note: For danakszoul who has written her fingers off lately, isn't feeling well and asked so prettily for some fluff...

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard caught the glimpse of a tray being slid on the table next to his. He glanced up from his solitary meal to see Dr. Radek Zelenka joining him. John sighed and pushed some of the food on his tray around.

Zelenka sat and asked quietly, "Is it true?"

John nodded slowly and shrugged, "Yeah."

"I am so sorry," Zelenka replied, shaking his head. "Is there anything I can do?"

John pushed the mess that used to be his meal around some more. "I don't think so," he told the other man. "I've done everything I could..." He let that trail off.

Zelenka sighed. "This is unfair to you, I know," he commiserated. "If you find something I can help with, do not hesitate to ask."

They ate the rest of their meal in silence. Well, Zelenka ate, John continued to play with the food on his tray aimlessly. As he left, Zelenka put a hand on John's shoulder, "God be with you."

John nodded and continued to sit in the mess. He sighed as he decided he had done enough damage to innocent food and picked up his tray to return it for cleaning. He walked slowly through the halls of Atlantis, hands in his pockets, head down. He radiated misery, no one had the heart to disturb his solitary walk.

In his office, he sat and stared out the window. It wasn't terribly different from what he did in the office most of the time, but this time there was a sad air to his posture. He didn't move when he heard footsteps in the door.

"You have got to be kidding me," Major Evan Lorne said, indignant. "After everything you've done around here, Weir does this to you?"

John sighed. He seemed to be doing a lot of that. "Yeah, that was my response. I don't know what I did to get on her shit list like this...." He slouched more in his chair but it wasn't his usual carefree posture.

"I could.." Lorne started.

"Don't bother," John replied morosely. "I have to deal with this and it isn't your battle to fight. It's not worth you getting into any trouble over it." John sighed. Again. "Someone had to do it and I guess I can tough it out."

"You sure?" Lorne asked. "Any of the men would do anything you asked." He hesitated. "Well, except to volunteer to swap with you." John gave him credit for being honest.

John waved it off. "I appreciate that," John answered. "But this is my problem to deal with."

"You give the word, we'll do anything," Lorne volunteered.

"Nah, I'm good. But thanks," John replied. "Go do something fun."

Lorne took a last look and left, reluctant to leave his commanding officer in an obvious funk.

John spent the afternoon sitting in his office. A couple of scientists stopped by, having heard the news, to commiserate with him. He accepted their condolences gravely and they left as soon as politeness would let them.

At dinner, John ate a little of the meal in front of him. Teyla and Ronon sat with him and warded off anyone who looked liked they would approach. John mostly toyed with his meal and everyone could see the despair radiating from him. Ronon walked him back to his room and said 'good night' gravely.

When Dr. Rodney McKay entered his room, it was mostly dark due to the lateness of the hour. He didn't turn on any lights, dropping his laptop on the desk he located by memory. He no sooner had put the device down when he found himself grabbed, spun around so his back was to the wall and his arms were held firmly against the wall at head level.


"Colonel," Rodney answered breathlessly. "I have had the worst day of my life, everyone has been looking at me like I'm the scum of the earth and now you..... you assault me in my own room." He took a deep breath. "What the fuck is going on?"

John leaned in, putting one leg between Rodney's to hold him firmly in place. Rodney struggled slightly but was firmly held.

"You haven't heard, then?" John asked, curious.

"Heard what? No one would talk to me. Zelenka gave me a cold shoulder all day and I suspect he was swearing at me in Czech under his breath. Everyone else ran away as soon as they saw me coming," Rodney huffed.

"It turns out that Elizabeth has decided about using those new housing units we cleared recently," John started idly.

Rodney stopped trying to fight John's hands holding him and went still. John knew he had the scientist's full attention with that. "And..."

John slid Rodney's hands up the wall, higher over his head. He slid Rodney's hands up so that his arms were almost fully extended, which in turn brought them closer together. So close that John could feel the tension in Rodney's body.... And the heat flowing from him. John leaned in to whisper in Rodney's ear, "I have the misfortune to be in a position," John licked behind Rodney's ear, "to be the unfortunate soul," a nibble on that ear, "to be required to live in one of the nicer apartment suites," he breathed on the place he licked and was rewarded with a shiver, "and forced to share," John moved to put his lips against Rodney's, "with you." He closed the gap and licked his way into Rodney's mouth.

The kiss was slow, and passionate. When it broke, Rodney whined softly, "My hands are going numb, and I had plans for them."

John laughed and let Rodney lower his arms, which he loosely wound around John.

"You poor thing," Rodney commiserated. "Living with me? How unfortunate." John felt Rodney pull him closer so there was full-body contact.

"Everyone is so sorry for me," John grinned. Then he groaned as Rodney did something interesting with his hands.

"What? Like I'm so hard to live with?" Rodney demanded.

John laughed, a merry sound that Rodney knew only he heard from John. "They don't know you like I do," John told him. He leaned in to kiss Rodney. "For which I'm eternally grateful." A longer kiss. "Don't want to share."

Rodney broke the kiss. "Not going to," Rodney promised him and dove in to seal that pledge.

Tags: fic, mcshep, pg

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