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Squee Weekend

Squee 'weekend' is the *best* week of the entire year! If you're not familiar, it's a gathering of fan-girls (and guys!) who get to sigh over Stargate Atlantis, new fandoms and just bond with "my people."

There will be reports and pictures from others and we haven't gone home yet, but there are already plans for next year...

{{hugs}} to all of you that wished to join us but couldn't...





Such, such fun, and I'm missing you all like crazy!! Safe travels!!
Of course we had to go there!

And the hotel management gave us a white chocolate mousse cake to go with 'dinner' tonight, just for us. The manager stopped by and was so happy to see us again, he was out for back surgery last week...

We got Popkin off this morning, Sally decided to stay another night instead of going home today... most of us are -- sniffle -- leaving tomorrow.

Hope you had your own safe trip...
LOL That picture is the greatest thing *ever*
It is kind of perfect, isn't it...

Sigh... I miss you already!
I miss you too!
Glad you had such a good time, I am soooooo jealous! I've wanted to go for the past three years but it's always the same time of year which is when my deputy has her two week vacation so I can't get away from work.

I hope it continues for many years to come and one day I will be able to attend.

May SGA live forever!
Must. Have. Icon. *gigglesnort*

 photo GrabbyHandsgif_zps3f10b2e6.gif
Sigh...if only I lived on the same continent... Do a squee for me?