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Anyone available for a quick and dirty beta?

I have a Harry Potter fic that's a Harry Potter / SG-1 / Atlantis cross over... Harry and Severus are fleeing the Wizarding world and end up in Atlantis... so it's Harry/Severus, implied Jack/Daniel and John/Rodney pairings but the largest part of the story is from Severus' POV. I'm ignoring the timeline, it's pretty much an AU.

It's technically due Monday (yeah, I know!) but I can ask the mods for a minor extension.

It's 23K (!) but all I really need a quick SPAG and look for plot holes... there isn't time for major edits at this point... ::grin:: But it's something I've been fiddling with for a couple of years, on and off, and I'm just glad to get it done.

Many thanks!


Have you found anyone? I would definitely do this! (Mind you I don't know a lot about SG-1 but you knew that ;) JLMK.
I haven't and would appreciate a second set of eyes...

And you don't really need to know anything about SG1 beyond the basic characters... it's really a HP fic...

I'll send it off to you in the mail!

Have you posted it anywhere, yet? It sounds interesting.
Going to be up on AO3 by the weekend... it's on a Snarry fest comm but that's f-locked since it's NC17....

I'll post a message on my comm and the McShep lists....

Thanks for asking!
Found it and read it. Liked it. :)
Thank you for writing it.