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In Chicago! Whee!

Normally, August is like the busiest time of the year for work. I barely take lunch, much less two days (and the weekend!) off. But, well, for a discussion better left when there's people to hug and alcohol, 2014 has been a pretty sucky year.

So, I said 'fuck it' and registered for the Chicago convention... back in March. Good thing, since the year didn't improve any.

I don't have the best camera equipment, but plan to take what pics I can and will share -- probably well after I get back since I have to hit the ground running on Monday. But for the moment, I have alone time, a really nice hotel room, and anticipate to talk my fool head off the rest of the weekend with the friends I know are coming and the ones I hope to meet.

If you're on my flist and you're also in Chicago, we should look for each other... Ping me and we can see about meeting up.



I will have EXTRA BIG HUGS for you in Sept!

I'd love to be in Chicago with you. Have a great time!
Looking forward to that hug! Not that far away, thank goodness!
Awesome! GO YOU! I wish I could be there--oh, you don't know how much! Have a blast and take LOTS of notes for the rest of us!
Wish you could be here, too! Yes, lots of notes!

I'm in Chicago for the Con, flying off to Toronto and Niagara Falls after that as it's a long way to fly in from the UK just for three days and I've explored Chicago to death on my last two trips. Currently in hotel room with a glass of wine and icing my damn hip as I did too much walking today!
I'm in the Marriott, across the street from the Westin... where are you?
I replied to this, it obviously didn't post! I'm on ninth floor of the Westin, looking over to the Marriott, and have seat C6.
Very funny... I'm on the ninth floor of the Marriott, looking over the Westin...

I'm in X30 today... I missed the gold/silver buy and am exiled to the back...

I'll come look for you!
Happy for you! I miss my convention days, LOL!

Have fun and enjoy the con! ^_^ Looking forward to the pics :)