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Yup... sounds like my life!

If you don't get the sunday paper or read the funnies regularly, you might have missed this! Clickee to embiggen...


Anyone who is a writer will nod in agreement!
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lol every writer's life story~! At least he finished it:'D I don't even manage that most of the time.
HAH! Love it!
So-o-o true. I at least don't attempt a novel length. I would never finish.
I thought of all you guys when I saw this in the paper this morning!
*nods furiously*

I agree with the comment above - at least he 'finished' something! ;)
bwaahahahaa Perfect!
At least we have each other's shoulders to cry on :) I wouldn't even dream of a novel at this stage *shudders*
Seriously. And sometimes it feels like it's the ones that you whip out in minutes that 'the world' goes ga-ga for, and that ones you painstakingly crafted and researched and lavished attention on get 'meh.'


Tres amusant, thanks for sharing.
I'm not exactly a writer. Have a few in the family and friends that are, so that said I do understand it.

Plus it made me laugh. Oddly writers block and procrastination seem to have something in common. lol