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Undercover Boss, McKay/Sheppard, WIP

Shoot me now....

I signed up for Keira Marcos' April writing challenge, and I'm writing an SGA AU titled "Undercover Boss"...

It's a Harlequin AU... The theoretical goal is 50K but if I make 25K *and* finish the story, I'll be more than happy.

It's very unbeta'd and very rough... but if you're interested, the story starts here. And there's magic Wordpress things so that if you update this page, you'll see the new updates at the bottom of the entry.


And if you're looking for something to read, there's over 50 folk signed up to write fic. A bunch may not finish but there's some good stuff there! Check out the site, once you're there!

So I won't be here a lot, I'll be there.... and (meep!) I have to work on my Reverse Bang fic somewhere in the middle!
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Re: Undercover boss

That's on my 'to do' list, so it's not totally abandoned... and I have another section written that never got posted...

I'll probably post it on AO3, later in the summer... when I have another couple of sections written and I have a chance to go back through what I have written.

Many thanks for your kind words!