goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Creation Con - Chicago

I'm thinking of saying f*ck it at work and go to Creation Con... I shouldn't because it's like our busiest time of the year at work, but... well, it's the last chance I have to ever go!

The good tickets are gone, of course, so there's General Admissions for all 3 days and then 'Preferred Seating' for each day individually...

A) I know a couple folk on my flist are already going. Do I get the 3 Preferred Seating tickets (one for each day) or just deal with 3 days of General Admission

B) I know folk stay 'across the street' at another hotel; where does everyone stay? I don't need a roomie, just a rec... (I may need to take the hubby, who doesn't quite 'get' fandom but wants to be supportive... and I'm all "just let me go by myself because I know people already and you don't" but I have play nice...)

So? Anyone? Buehler? ::grin::
Tags: creation_con

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