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Creation Con - Chicago

I'm thinking of saying f*ck it at work and go to Creation Con... I shouldn't because it's like our busiest time of the year at work, but... well, it's the last chance I have to ever go!

The good tickets are gone, of course, so there's General Admissions for all 3 days and then 'Preferred Seating' for each day individually...

A) I know a couple folk on my flist are already going. Do I get the 3 Preferred Seating tickets (one for each day) or just deal with 3 days of General Admission

B) I know folk stay 'across the street' at another hotel; where does everyone stay? I don't need a roomie, just a rec... (I may need to take the hubby, who doesn't quite 'get' fandom but wants to be supportive... and I'm all "just let me go by myself because I know people already and you don't" but I have play nice...)

So? Anyone? Buehler? ::grin::


No recommendations, just wanted to say how ENVIOUS I am!!!

I used to do their Xena Cons... Ahhhh to hang out with a hotel of your fellow "Hard Core Nut Balls" for a weekend!

If you go, I hope you have a BLAST!!! Do the preferred seats come with Autographs? If so, I would go for those. It seems silly, but a weekend of knowing you have somewhere to sit is freaking priceless in my book.

I'll be looking for your Con Reports if you go. :)
Oh, yes, there would be con reports... ;-)

And I have some friends that I know would be going, so there would be a guaranteed blast to be had...

It's just the timing is sucky at work -- August is our busiest month and taking even 4 days off then is the problem...

Have to talk to the boss and see what she thinks!
Contact tangotabby!! She's an old hand at Creation cons and will probably be there. She can give you the scoop on what to do!

I'm envious, I really am. I want to be there myself, but yeah, not an option unless a miracle happens... :-)
I know Walter goes, and he's responded below... but, yeah, I might talk to tangotabby, thanks for reminding me about her!

It's just a bad time to be off work, guess I have to man up and talk to the boss and see what she thinks... then, talk to the hubby to see what he thinks...

EEEE!!!! YES! GO!!!! It is SUCH a blast!

elderwitty and I stay across the street in the Marriott Suites Hotel; it's a five minute walk, so it's always been good. This year we're staying Sunday night, too, so we don't have to drive back to STL until the wee hours of the morning. :)

I can't tell you about general admission versus preferred since we have Gold tickets; Whatever gets you the best seats is what I'd do.
The 'preferred' seats are off to the side but guaranteed seats... the general admission is at the back, no guaranteed seats... so, not sure which is better...

I'm thinking I'd have to fly back Sunday night, to be to work on Monday. I have to look at the flight options to see how late I can stay and if it makes sense...

Sigh... I really, really want to go...
Oh, hell, I did it! I took the preferred seats, at least I can have a designated seat that way...


WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! I am SO STOKED!!! :)
I did the whole thing. I'm in the Marriott, I have flights and everything...

I have to be at work on the Monday, so I got about the latest flight out on Sunday so I'm not totally wiped out on Monday. So I have a 7:30 flight that gets to Buffalo about 11 pm (drat losing that hour!)... But I'm coming in on Thursday at lunchtime so I have the extra night on the front end...

What's Creation Con? Sounds awesome! :D

Creation Con is the folk who organize what will be the last official Stargate Convention. Stargate was my first 'real' fandom and since it's been off the air for... meep!... like almost 6 years, there's the appearance of a 'dying' fandom. So it would be my only chance to see the actors in person.

I know folk who would be there, so that would also make it awesome... seeing other fen *and* the actors would make for a huge memory!

It sounds awesome and if the last con and all I would totally go for it!
I would love to go, but I am a poor college student~ I am so, so envious!
Sorry to make you envious... ;-) Well beyond the college student stage and since I can financially afford to go, it's my last chance...

I'll do con reports if I do go!

AWESOME. I can't wait to read them :D