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Random Thursday

I've wimped out with yet another snowy day and I'm working from home... yeah, right! ;-) But it's been coming down since I've gotten up -- and still coming down over an hour later -- and there's news of cars off the expressway on the way I go to work, so it's slippery out there. Blech.

I have been done with snow since November, the only good news is that we're planning summer activities and just saying the word summer is a wonderful thing.

Being home, I get to make breakfast, so there's baked oatmeal in the oven. It's faintly indulgent (okay, maybe I eat too much of it at a time) but it's fun to have. And the 8x8 pan makes enough for a couple of days, esp since the hubby doesn't care for it.

Hmm... maybe I can sneak in a ficlet today, while I'm at it. February has a couple more days to it and I had an idea for the [community profile] sga_smooch comm....

I'm eying Keira Marcos' April writing thing -- formerly known as "Naked Nano" but now called "Rough Trade.". It's open to fan fic or original fic and I do get more done under pressure. I have to make sure I get a couple of things out of the way before then... esp my Reverse Bang fic, but since claiming is mid-March, that gives me a good couple of weeks to work on that before April 1... but she's holding out for 50K and I've never done that in a month... I'm gonna wait, I think...

Okay, have to go off and at least pretend to work for a couple of hours!


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