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Fic Rush!

There are times you need some help focusing on your writing... NaNo is a perfect example, and I know I get a lot of writing done during November.

Something similar, is fic_rush_48 -- only on Live Journal -- where, once a month, a bunch of crazy folk get together and do 48 hours of cheerleading about writing, real life and whatever happens to be going on.

There's an hourly check in post but checking in is totally optional. Do or do not, if you want. Cheer about your writing, whine about grocery shopping, toddle off for needed sleep... whatever you want. From 6 PM Friday to 6 PM Sunday (Eastern time), there's writing to be had.

It's warm and welcoming, the mods are laid back and will celebrate whether you write 100 words or 10,000 words.

If you're at all interested, you should follow fic_rush on Live Journal. They post the basic schedule there and take opinions on which weekend that the Rush will happen. It's a low traffic comm, and it won't flood your flist.

I got 2500 words done this weekend, more than I would have otherwise, so it was a success for me!

Check it out!

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Hah! See, to me, opening up a LJ comm to encourage writing just ends up encouraging LJing and slacking off on the writing :D I usually need to turn off the internet if I'm going to be productive!
Well, I was desperate enough to get anything done, that it worked for me this weekend...

I do agree... I'm always distracted by shiny things... ;-)
VERY cool! Thank you for this - I need some prompting, and a reason to write - so this is perfect for me! :)
It was fun and it worked... that's the most important part!

Maybe we can hang out together next month! ;-)
Definitely!!! :)

On a side note, you DID see my email about the message boards being up, yes? :)
I did, thank you, and RL has been a b*tch since then -- so I haven't had time to look much less promote the site...

Hopefully, RL will settle in soon-ish and I can get back to it.