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Hazardous Duty (G)

Title: Hazardous Duty
Author: goddess47
Word count: 600
Rating/Warning: G
Spoilers: None

For romancingmcshep, just under the wire, RL has eaten my brain; but also for my trope_bingo (on DW) card fill kid fic, *and* a small piece of Julianna!fic (use the tags on my LJ to find more)

"It's your turn," John announced to Rodney. He settled into the couch and picked up his tablet to read the mystery he had started, whoa, over a week ago.

"What? No!" Rodney panicked. "I just…" Rodney's face got that indignant who me? look that John knew so well.

"You've been working nights in the lab for most of the last month," John said firmly, not even looking up. "I've done it the last three times. It's your turn."

"I'll…" Rodney started to offer.

"No," John didn't even let him get started. Once Rodney thought he could negotiate, there would be no stopping him.

"But…" Rodney protested weakly.

"No," John shot back. He found the last place he had been reading. Damn, that didn't make any sense, he'd have to back up a few pages.

"Will you help?" Rodney begged. It was kind of cute, but John knew he had to stand firm.

"You're the brightest man in two galaxies," John grinned. "I suspect you can manage." Oh, right, now he remembered this part. He must have gotten too sleepy the last time he was reading and had forgotten what he had 'read'…

"Oh, ye of little faith," Rodney mocked.

"Rodney," John sighed the name. For a grown man, Rodney could be a little kid sometimes.

"It's more fun with you than by myself," Rodney wheedled. This was true. They didn't get to do this together too often. John wanted to see where this would go.

"You just want to get out of it," John replied. Which probably was more of the truth.

"I'll make it up to you," Rodney offered.

"You said that last time," John shot back. "It has to be really good." Like the last time where Rodney had promised him all sorts of interesting things and then fell asleep. Well, they both fell asleep, but at least it had been together. There were too many nights they slept alone -- one at home while the other was working. Both being home at the same time was becoming a rare occurance.

"I'll get Teyla to take her for a weekend," Rodney blurted.

John raised an eyebrow at that. "A weekend?" John asked. Like that would ever happen.

"Okay, okay, this weekend," Rodney promised.

"You are going to take an entire weekend off?" John asked skeptically. "This weekend?"

"I…" Rodney took a deep breath. "Yes."

John looked over the top of his tablet at Rodney. "What's going on?" John asked. Rodney never gave in that easily to taking a weekend off. John had had to schedule their last weekend off almost six months in advance and still had to drag Rodney out of the lab at the last minute.

"I.." Rodney fidgeted. "We don't… we don't get to spend any time together." The last part came out in a rush but with an understandable level of frustration. "Teyla will take Julianna, I've reserved a Jumper and a cabin on the mainland."

"Rodney!" John was shocked. "Wait? Did I forget an anniversary or anything?"

"No, no, no," Rodney reassured him. "It's just… we don't spend any time together. We're taking shifts around Julianna, and you do spend more time with her than I do, and as much as I love her, I love you, too."

John watched and never realized Rodney could blush so charmingly.

"Come here," John held out a hand. He sat Rodney down on the couch next to him and drew him in for a kiss.

"Daddy! Poppa! I'm ready!" came a cry from the bathroom.

John laughed. "Always the way." He stood, not letting go of Rodney's hand. "We'll both give her a bath."


Thanks! ;-)
Wait...there's a whole *collection* of Julianna fic?? How have I missed it? I'm going to go check it out now!

Adorable. Absolutely adorable.
Yeah... there's Julianna stories going back quite a bit... snippets mostly that I keep meaning to organize and fill in a couple of holes for...

Cute - bathtime! Love this and the way Rodney planned their weekend away, just what they need.
Julianna's bathtime is probably anything but cute! She's a holy terror and while she may be in a good mood today, she's usually screaming and crying every step of the way... ;-)

But, yup, Rodney is a man with a plan!

Awww, this is simply precious. I dearly love that Rodney wants to spend some time with John ♥
I know there are parents out there who never leave their kids with a baby sitter... really.... I just cannot imagine!

John and Rodney? They love this kid and they'll leave her with anyone that wants to take her on.... like any parents, they never get to be alone... ;-)

Loved John's thoughts about his place in the reader--that happens to me all the time! And I love too how we don't know at first what they are negotiating about--when I found out, there was a big smile on my face! Yay for planning romantic getaways!
When I was (much) younger, I never forgot my place in a book but as I get older, that happens all the time!

Romantic getaways for the win! ;-)

*gigglesnort* This is adorable.
Well, I had started the Due South / SGA crossover but it wasn't going to get done by today, so this was my offering for the good of the order...

But now that I see you'll leave the comm open for a while, I may actually finish it before the end of the month, although I did want to write a story for the SGA Love...

Many thanks!
Cute! :-D

So lovely! Even with the pressures of their jobs and raising their little girl, Rodney manages to surprise John with time away together. Loved it!
Sweet story :)
Aww delightful
I think you must have stayed longer in our house than I remember! It's always Stevy's turn to bathe Norah...! And we will be going away for two whole Norah-free days in March! Dun dun dun...!
I love these little Julianna snippets, they always remind me why I love the boys so much.
Very, very cute. Loved it!