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My Backup Plan

[This started as a discussion on Snowflake Challenge and I'm finally getting around to doing a tad more with it...]

As in... do you have one?

Okay, the reality is that most of us don't have things in place for real life, much less our fandom lives... I can't help you with your real life, but maybe I can give you some ideas for dealing with your fandom life.

What happens if something happens to you? We all have questions about "gee, what ever happened to so-and-so; I haven't seen him/her online in ages!" You dig through and find their journal and there haven't been updates in 2, 3 or more years.

Maybe your friend has gone on to other things in RL, but if you aren't RL friends with them, you won't know that.

But maybe something not-good has happened and you didn't even get a chance to offer moral support.

And, if you're like me, no one in my immediate family knows who you-all are and wouldn't even know where to start to let you know that something has happened.

So, I've started a comm named my_backup_plan as a discussion place for options for this sort of thing. I'm not even pretending to be an expert... but just offering to host a discussion on what options you may want to look at will be good for all of us.

I've started with information on AO3's "Next of Kin" option... it's nicely done and worth considering. I'll dig into other documentation as the thought strikes me, as well as thoughts about what you want to do personally.

There are parallel comms on Live Journal, DreamWidth and Insane Journal. Join where you feel comfortable! I'll work on cross-posting anything that is generally relevant!

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