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I don't know what I'm thinking but I've signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo (it's only on Dreamwidth; click on the name of the comm and the signup post is at the top)... but, really, the bottom line is that I have a whole year to write up at least one story... and only 500 words. I can do that... ;-)

au: alternate professions sex pollen rites of passage / coming of age curtainfic bodyswap
presumed dead indecent proposal mind control trust and vows au: space
road trip twenty-four hours to live FREE

secret twin / doppelganger time travel
trapped in a dream matchmaker deathfic fake relationship immortality / reincarnation
fork in the road celebratory kiss unrequited love / pining genderswap kidfic

Although I can (and have) write deathfic, it's the genderswap that's kinda squicking me out... but for 500 words, I can do anything once...

Come on... ::lures you:: you know you want to....

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Tags: 2014, trope_bingo

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