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Year in Review - 2013

2013 was a decently prolific year. I wrote just over 90,000 words for the year, of which 60,000 are in posted fan fic. I have another 30,000 in an original fic that needs to be edited and posted… maybe in the Spring.

There are a couple of fest fics that are still anonymous. I'll put them on the 2014 list!

Stargate Atlantis

A Children's Tale - 2874 words - "There is another story among my people that has come to mind," Teyla offered at lunch one sunny afternoon.
End of the Universe as we Know It - 10,000 words - "End of the universe," Rodney said, shoveling meatloaf into his mouth.
Good things in small packages - 1050 words - John looked at the package suspiciously.
London Mystery (on AO3) - 13,881 words - As part of a deal between the SGC and the British IOA representative to return Atlantis to Pegasus, SGA-1 is sent on a mysterious mission to Great Britain. Mystery turns to confusion and then mayhem before all is over. For 2013 SGA Reverse Bang
Longing to Return - 2100 words – for [profile] apocalypse_kree - They never looked up anymore
Not just a Phase - 424 words - You know those cute babies you see on TV? Well, John and Rodney didn't get one of those!
The Little Things - 300 words - Pencils were precious, as was anything made on Earth.
The Storm Before the Calm (on AO3) – 4770 words - "And we have had absolutely no luck with searching for vague energy sources," John felt obligated to point out. "Wait, we've had lots of luck, all bad."
Work in Progress (on AO3) - 10,339 words to date - John, Rodney and a work in progress. Like life.... (technically, not finished but reasonable to read as is)


Five Conversations Walter and General Hammond had in the Gate Room - 1000 words – For the [community profile] sg1friendathon

Harry Potter -- All are Harry/Severus unless otherwise noted

It's for a Good Cause – for [profile] advent_drabble on Insane Journal – Severus is asked to pose for a calendar for charity – 200 words each part
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Comment fic for [community profile] deeply_horrible located here -- all nasty Severus – about 500 words total
Accusations, R for implied abuse
Packing, R for abuse
The Sorting Competition, PG, no warnings

Last Snarry Writer Standing
A Visit to Rapunzel's Hair Shoppe - 125 words - Severus was not happy!
After the Happily Ever After - 300 words - Doing what's right isn't always the best option
Beautiful Desires (on AO3) – 500 words - If it is foolish to desire something beautiful, then I am doomed.
Finding the Way (on AO3) – 100 words - "But where would we go?"
A Grim Tale (on AO3) – 250 words - The Forbidden Forest is forbidden for good reason
Eek! A Mouse! (on AO3) – 300 words - Bedtime stories for children can cause... interesting reactions
On Waking from Dreamless Sleep (on AO3) – 200 words - He did not expect to wake to... this.
For what you have tamed (on AO3) – 220 words - On vacation in Copenhagen, one always sees the attractions
What the Heck Just Happened Here? (on AO3) – 250 words - "I told you these woods were dangerous!"

Other Harry Potter fic

Adding Spice (on AO3) – 200 words - Harry thought he'd spice up their sex life...
A Solstice Task (on AO3) – 1100 words - There is one last thing Harry needs to do
The Might of Heaven and Hell - 4260 /words – Living with Consequences isn't always easy
Things Everyone – but Harry, Evidently – in the Wizarding World Knows (on AO3) – 6370 words - The Wizarding world turns on Harry, blaming him for all the problems of the war. Snape rescues him from an angry mob, and shows him how to live in secret on the edges of society.
Prenatal Developments - 500 words - Harry should have asked more questions... (includes Harry/Ginny)

Naked Nano – Original Fic

I spent July writing an original-ish fic that ran about 30,000 words in its rough draft state. It was originally on Keira Marcos' Rough Trade site but has been taken down for new works.

It needs some work but it'll be coming back, hopefully in the Spring!

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