goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Letters from Elizabeth: Letter to Samantha (PG)

Title: Letters from Elizabeth: Letter to Samantha

Author: Goddess47

Rating: PG

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 4-ish spoilers

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka

Summary: Elizabeth left her friends some emails delivered after she was gone.

Note: First in a short series....

"Huh," Samantha Carter muttered to herself. There in her email was a message from Elizabeth Weir. Who was still missing and assumed to be with the Asurans. Rodney had said that he had shut down Weir's account as soon as they could after setting Atlantis down on this new planet and she knew that when Rodney shut something down, it stayed shut down.

She should know better than to open messages like this, but curiosity overrode that hesitation. Atlantis was its own isolated network and she shouldn't have to worry about spam and viruses like they did back on earth. She clicked on it.

"What the heck...."

Welcome to Pegasus and to Atlantis!

First of all, you're getting this because I'm dead or have been replaced as the head of the Atlantis expedition due to unusual circumstances.... I would have deleted these (there are messages to others, just so you know) if I had left voluntarily. Dr. Rodney McKay helped me set this up -- you can ask him about it -- to deliver my messages at some point after my command codes were removed from the system and someone with new command codes took over.

So. You're the new head of the Atlantis Expedition! I congratulate you on getting the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have. If it doesn't kill you -- like it probably did me -- you will love this city and never want to leave. You don't want to wait too long to ask Dr. McKay about setting up something similar for your own messages. I know that's not too optimistic of me, but it is Pegasus.

You have the best command staff a person could ask for. On the days you don't want to kill them, that is. They're bright, loyal, hard working, brave and...well... fun. They can be just as frustrating -- herding cats is too tame, it's like herding mountain lions. Take the time to get close to them because no one else will get close to you. This job is the epitome of 'lonely at the top.' Your staff is smart enough to mostly know how to balance personal and professional and you'll need something that resembles a personal life of your own. Now that we're in touch with Earth, and I hope that doesn't end at any time soon, it can be easier to have a life but you will need someone here to talk to. Talk to them all and see who best works for you.....

Whatever you do, listen to Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay. Colonel Sheppard doesn't always seem like the right man to be head of the military but here that works. His out of the box thinking has saved us many times and the military stationed here respect him more than he knows. I suspect you'll already have met with Dr. Rodney McKay who really is as brilliant as he says he is. He also can be a good friend if you take the time to see past the bluster..... Together.... together they are amazing. They are an infinite feedback loop and they've saved all of us more times than I can count. And more times than you will read in the mission reports. If you've dealt with the SGC at all, you'll understand. If not,you'll learn fast.

Listen especially to John and Rodney and leave them to do what they want when you can. They have their detractors but I'm not one of them. They've committed to Atlantis as their home and heaven help anyone who tries to take it away from them. I honestly do believe that having to leave Atlantis or Pegasus permanently will kill their spirit so do what it takes to keep them happy.

The rest of the senior staff, Jennifer Keller, Radek Zelenka, and Teyla Emmagen are just as bright and can be just as helpful. You're in charge but listen as much as you can -- they've been here and know as much about Atlantis and Pegasus as anyone.

If John or Rodney recommends you send someone back, don't even question it. We will always be too few people and Everyone else is as amazing as you could ask for. Go off-world so you can to see what is out there. It's as amazing as it is dangerous but worth seeing. Get to know as many of the residents as you can. They will want to get to know you and it's important to know something about everyone. Don't hesitate to send anyone who doesn't fit back to Earth...it's not worth it to have anyone who doesn't fit.... it takes a special person to really want to stay and work here but they also have to fit. Anyone that is sent that doesn't understand that the rules don't always apply -- whether legal, moral or scientific -- is a danger to themselves and to others.

Good luck.... you're going to need it.

--Elizabeth Weir

"Damn," breathed Sam when she was done. She sat back in her chair thinking about what Weir left her. Weir couldn't have known she would be taking this position after her and Sam knew exactly what Weir meant about John and Rodney....

"Thank you, Elizabeth," Sam said softly, saving the message to her personal directory.


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