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Advent Day 4 - It's for a Good Cause - Part 4

Title: It's for a Good Cause - Part 4
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Word count: 200
Rating/Warning: PG
Spoilers: None
Prompt: Snowy winter street with lit lanterns.

Note: For [community profile] adventdrabbles over on Insane Journal.

Severus watched Harry bustle about the studio.

"No... no... maybe... Let's try this," Harry paged through a book of backdrops. He enlarged the page, a winter scene with a mansion in the distance and a lantern lined lane leading up to it.

Grabbing Severus' robe, he Transfigured it to deep ebony velvet, to match the g-string he was now wearing. Harry draped it over Severus' shoulders, leaving it open in the front.

"Oh, I love it!" the woman gushed.

Harry placed his warm hands on Severus' hips, "Like this." He moved Severus into a position, angled slightly to the backdrop. The robe draped over one side of his body but he could see that Harry had made sure that damned red bow on his left hip was showing.

Harry stepped back, looking at Severus critically. He turned to the woman and said, "Be ready!"

She didn't ask any questions but got busy behind the camera.

Harry let her take some snaps, then darted in, put his hands on either side of Severus' face and dropped a warm kiss on his lips.

Before Severus could react, Harry darted back and waited.

The camera clicked, "I think we have the perfect shot!"

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Tags: 2013, advent drabble, hp

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