goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Advent Day 3 - It's for a Good Cause, Part 3

Title: It's for a Good Cause - Part 3
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Word count: 200
Rating/Warning: PG
Spoilers: None
Prompt: Candy Canes

Note: For [community profile] adventdrabbles over on Insane Journal.

Puppies were not a good idea. In spite of the Calming Draught, they still had sharp teeth and claws that ended up much too near delicate bits. Severus knew his squirming to get away was not attractive.

"Maybe one of those suits like the gentlemen wore in the sample picture you sent?" Harry suggested, desperately.

Severus handed Harry the puppies, and put on a robe. "That would be preferable," Severus agreed.

"I don't have anything handy," she protested.

Harry looked about the studio and spotted a candy cane display.

"You forget, we are wizards," Harry said, casting a Transfiguration charm on a candy cane.

The woman had the grace to blush.

Harry held up the g-string. Black velvet, with a teeny red bow on the left hip. "I think this might be more appropriate," Harry smirked.

Severus snatched the garment and turned away from them, using the robe to provide the illusion of privacy. He knew Harry was watching him don the... garment. Only photographer's presence kept him from putting on a show.

"Oh, very good!" she gushed when Severus turned for inspection.

Harry leaned into Severus, and said only for his ears, "Maybe I can get a taste, later?"

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Tags: 2013, advent drabble, hp

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