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Work in Progress, 26/?

Okay, I think I've lost count again but I'm going to blame that on the most amazing Squee weekend... if you weren't there, you should plan to come next year...

Couple more sections to go...


John had to admit that lunch was relatively painless. The brass and everyone else left right after the meal, and all that was left was David, the Millers and Rodney.

O'Neill had left with an airy, "Take your week, Sheppard. When you get back, we'll talk."

John wasn't sure if that was good or not, but he had learned to trust O'Neill to do right by Atlantis. Even with some changes, there had to be paperwork of some sort to keep track of things.

"I have to go back tomorrow," Dave admitted.

Jeannie offered, "General O'Neill got us tickets to tonight's Rockies game, and offered us a driver. We should be able to get another ticket."

"I haven't been to a baseball game just for fun in ages," Dave added.

"Can we get cotton candy?" Madison asked, bouncing up and down.

"I guess that's your answer," Jeannie said with a grin.

"Can we change?" Rodney asked plaintively.

"Sure," John said. He looked down at his uniform. "This is a bit... flashy for a baseball game."

"We'll get the driver to take us all back to your hotel and on to the game," Jeannie got them all moving.

Escudero was waiting for them outside the venue with a van. He saluted John, "General."

John gave him a casual salute back. "Thank you," he said. "I guess we're going back to the hotel and then on to Denver."

"That's been arranged," Escudero replied. "General O'Neill had arranged for a box for the game. You should be all set. Plenty of space for anyone that wanted to come."

Dave looked at John knowingly as Madison ran around the suite and found the empty second bedroom. The cleaning staff had cleaned up their bedroom, thankfully, but all of their belongings were obviously in one room.

The game was fun. There was more food than they could eat and, by the sixth inning, Madison was bouncing off the walls. Fortunately, by the end of the game, Madison had fallen asleep.

John made an effort to spend time with Dave during the game. They sat in the seats in front of the box and John asked about Dave's family, the business and what he had been doing since they had last seen each other. John told a couple of sanitized stories from Atlantis, which he could see Dave was glad to hear. John found himself promising to come to visit Dave the next time he was on Earth.

The ride home was sleepy and quiet. John was especially glad for the driver, and the discrete escort, which Escudero finally admitted was for John and not Rodney.

The Millers and Dave had rooms on another floor in the same hotel. Jeannie hugged both John and Rodney as they parted.

"Meet for breakfast?" John offered.

"Madison will be up at the crack of dawn," Jeannie said. "But we'll take her to the pool to wear her out first."

"That sounds like a good idea," Rodney said. "Meet at 8?"

Everyone nodded and went off to their rooms.

When John and Rodney were finally alone together in their room, John put his arms around Rodney and drew him in close. He rested his forehead on Rodney's shoulder.

"Surprise," Rodney said softly.

John could only laugh. He lifted his head and leaned in for a soft kiss.

"Thank you," John said. "I think." He drew back for a moment. "Don't do that again!"

"Hey! O'Neill threatened to send Mitchell to Atlantis. With a crate of lemons," Rodney protested. Then he grinned, "And he promised us some new toys. How could I resist?"

"You didn't have to do the working out thing," John said. "Although I do have to say I like the results."

"How about if you show me some more how much you like the results?" Rodney leaned in closer. "I've never slept with a General before."

"Good thing," John growled.

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