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Evil author is again evil!


[NOTE: If I didn't want to get the story mostly done before Squee Weekend, I'd write some porn here... John worshiping Rodney's new body, lots of reverent touching on both sides and lovely orgasms... and some bashful not-talking between two inarticulate men.]

John was warm when he woke. Rodney radiated heat like a furnace, but waking up every morning entangled with Rodney was his long term plan.

He glanced at the clock and suspected they should get moving. Lieutenant Escudero would be picking them up and their breakfast order should be delivered in half an hour.

John dropped a kiss on Rodney's shoulder and eased out of bed. Rodney mumbled in his sleep and immediately moved into the warm spot John had just vacated. He went back to the other bedroom in the suite where his bag was and grabbed clean underwear before climbing into the shower.

He put on sweatpants and a t-shirt to wait for the breakfast delivery. He figured Rodney would have time for coffee before having to get his own shower.

Food -- and four carafes of coffee -- was delivered on time. John poured a cup and took it to the bedroom.

John wafted the cup near Rodney, and laughed as Rodney's eyes opened.

"Breakfast is here," John said. "You need to get moving if you're to properly cafinate before you shower and we have to go."

"'Kay," Rodney said, taking the cup from John.

Rodney joined John for breakfast. He drank two of the carafe's of coffee along with the eggs, bacon and a single pastry -- he looked at the rest of the basket longingly but obviously resisted.

Rodney got up from the table, came around to John's side and leaned in for a small kiss.

"Morning!" he said.

"Morning!" John said.

"Wish we had time for more," Rodney said, between small kisses.

"Your thing today," John reminded him.

"Oh, yeah," Rodney gave him a small smile.

"Get your shower," John said.

There was a knock at the door. "Go," John directed. "I'll get that."

It was a courier with Rodney's suit. John signed the ticket and scrabbled through his things to give a tip to the man.

He took the garment back to the bedroom. He straightened out the blankets on the bed, to have some place to lay the suit out.

John leaned into the bathroom, "Your suit's here!"

"Good timing!" Rodney replied.

John left before he was tempted to join Rodney in the shower, going back to get his dress blue's out. John pulled on the shirt and pants, leaving the jacket for the last minute.

Rodney looked as good in the suit as John knew he would.

"That looks good on you," John said. "I want to peel it off of you later..." He grinned. "How long should this thing last today?" John asked. "Just so I know."

"I think mid-afternoon," Rodney said. "I know there's lunch but there's no plans for dinner."

"We could... have dinner in," John offered.

Rodney grinned. "Sounds like a plan," he agreed.

A knock at the door startled John. He looked through the peep hole to see Escudero in the hall. He opened the door, "Right on time."

"If you're ready, sir?" Escudero said.

"Two minutes," Rodney said, going back into the bedroom.
John went to the other bedroom to get his suit jacket and cap. He shrugged into the jacket, letting it settle on his shoulders. The rows of medals spoke to him of people he had lost somewhere along the way. He touched the medals lightly, with a hope that they had good thoughts for him today.

"Ready," John said.

Another, armed, airman was with the SUV when they got to the entrance. John was glad to see them taking Rodney's security seriously.

"Where are we going?" John asked.

"The Air and Space Museum at Peterson," Escudero replied.

"Good to know," John replied. "Thanks."

He and Rodney settled into the back seat of the van, with Escudero and the airman in the front. John noticed another SUV falling in behind them as they traveled through the city.

It didn't take long for them to get to the base. All of their ID cards were checked before they were flagged onto the facility. They hesitated long enough for the second SUV to clear the security checkpoint.

The vehicle drew up to a side entrance.

"You need to use this entrance," Escudero said. "Hold on for a moment." He got out of the vehicle, checked the vicinity and then opened the rear door for them. "This way."

He led them through the building and stopped before a set of double doors.

"Good luck, sir," he said, giving John a salute.

Rodney put a hand on John's arm and said softly, "I know you think you're my arm candy, actually, I'm yours."

John looked at him in confusion as Rodney opened the door.

He saw a crowd of people that included the Millers -- Madison bouncing up and down in glee -- and...

His brother Dave?

"What the fuck?" John muttered.

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