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Work in Progress, 22/?

Okay, my numbering got wonky somewhere... This should be correct.

And the shopping trip took longer than I had planned....


The Stargate opened to the Gate Bridge, rebuilt since the disaster with the Wraith. It now took an ATA positive person to dial the Gate and all travelers needed a special IDC to open the shield. They had learned to be more careful the hard way.

The 24 hour quarentine layover on the Bridge was tedious but John was glad to catch up on some sleep. He did make Rodney do some of their flexibility exercises at one point, mostly for something to do.

Since Rodney's event was at Peterson, the SGC had arranged for rooms at a nearby hotel. The Lieutenant that had driven them from the mountain to Colorado Springs explained that base housing was full. "We've extended security to the hotel, since there are other guests we are offering accommodations for."

Rodney asked, "Before we go to the hotel, can you take us to Finlan's? It's supposed to be on North Cascade Avenue."

"What's that?" John asked.

"Men's tailor shop. Walter recommended it," Rodney said. "I had Teyla help me with measurements and sent them the information. They've promised to be able to get a suit ready for me by tomorrow."

"They supposedly do some nice work," the Lieutenant said. "I can't afford it, but, if you can, it's the place to go."

The car pulled up to the curb in front of a modest storefront. "I'll wait here," the Lieutenant said.

"Don't know how long we'll be," Rodney warned.

"I'm at your disposal," he said. "Take your time."

"Thanks," John said.

A discrete tinkle of a chime rang as they entered the shop. John stood for a moment and looked around. He remembered shops like this when he was younger. His dad had often ordered what he called bespoke suits... custom fitting with special fabrics. John's last custom suit had been for his college graduation. Since then, he had his uniform for formal occasions. Surprisingly, the shop brought back some happy memories.

"Dr. Rodney McKay," Rodney announced to the man that came out to greet them.

"Bill Finlan," the man replied. He reached out a hand to shake Rodney's. "Glad to finally meet you Dr. McKay."

"John Sheppard," John introduced himself as Finlan held his hand out.

"Glad to meet you," Finlan replied. He turned to Rodney. "I have your suit almost ready, if you'd like to come in the back and try it on?"

"Sure," Rodney said as he looked at John.

"Go ahead," John said. "I'll be fine." He frowned slightly as he realized Rodney would be out of sight while they did the fitting.

Interpreting John's worry correctly, Finan said, "We have a chair for guests in the back. You can come back with us."

"That's good," John admitted.

John settled in and refused to offer of coffee from an assistant. The 'shop' was much bigger in the back and there were half a dozen people working on different projects.

Rodney shrugged on the jacket and John knew instantly that it was perfect for Rodney. It showed off his broad shoulders and the navy blue fabric would set off hie eyes.

Finlan and his assistant worked efficiently, asking Rodney to move in different ways to ensure there was enough ease to be able to move comfortably. They marked a couple of small changes then handed Rodney the pants to put on.

"There's a shirt in there, also," Finlan told Rodney as he escorted him to the changing room. "Try that on, also."

Rodney went into the changing room and shortly came out and stood in front of the curtain for a moment, looking at himself in the mirror.

John's mouth went dry. While John knew Rodney had lost some weight and firmed up with their diet and exercise routine, this was the first John saw the results.

Rodney was georgeous! The suit did justice not only to the broad shoulders but the pants hugged Rodney's ass in a way that should be illegal. The white shirt was open at the neck, showing off just a bit of chest.

John must have made a noise because Rodney looked up at him. "Good?" he asked, with a small smirk.

John nodded, swallowed and got out, "Very good!"

"If you would," Finlan indicated, moving Rodney to a small dais.

John had to focus on keeping his breathing even as Rodney twisted and turned in that bewitching suit through the rest of the fitting. Finlan and his assistant were efficient and professional as they completed the fitting but John just wanted to make them stop touching Rodney....

John got up at one point, mumbling something about "Just stretching" to anyone that might be listening. He went out to the front of the shop to look at some of the suits on display. He'd think about coming back if he'd ever need a suit.

"Ready?" Rodney's voice came.

John turned to see Rodney dressed in the baggy jeans and polo shirt he had on earlier. "They'll deliver the suit in the morning," he said. "You still up for some shopping? I could use a few more things."

Swallowing at the thought of Rodney trying on jeans that fit and maybe a tighter t-shirt, John nodded.

He was so doomed.

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