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Work in Progress, 17/?

More... on my way off to bed! ;-)


As the meeting broke up, John told Rodney, "Teyla's expecting us after lunch."

"I was going to..." Rodney started, then stopped. "Okay, sure."

"You wanted to do this..." John said patiently.

"Yes, yes," Rodney agreed. "I just forget how much time it all takes."

"An hour a day isn't that much," John pointed out.

"It's just... the middle of the day," Rodney said patiently. "But, yes, for Teyla, I'll be there."

"We can talk to her about another time of day when we meet her," John offered. "I just fit us into her schedule so we can get started."

"No, it's okay," Rodney sighed.

"It's only a few weeks," John replied. "Then you can go back to your usual schedule." John peered at Rodney, who still seemed reluctant. "Hey! It's only flexibility, not stick fighting or anything."

Rodney's looked lighter. "Flexibility? Sorry, I was just worried about getting hurt. I know that's stupid..."

"No, it's not stupid," John reassured him. "I know you have something you're working on, so figured you wouldn't want to be black and blue."

Rodney grinned. "I should have trusted you," he said ruefully. "Okay, I'll be there!"

"Good," John smiled. "See you at lunch."

John made a special effort to track down Lorne and thank him for the report.

"Figured you didn't have a chance to get that done last night," Lorne replied. "Cadman filled me in."

"She and her team did good yesterday," John said.

"They did," Lorne agreed. "We're going to rotate both Yi and Kloch through the city security position. We think Yi is actually the better option but we're not sure he's going to stay with Atlantis once this tour is over. Kloch needs more work but has already signed on for another tour."

"Makes sense," John agreed. "If Yi decides to stay, we can work that out then. We also need to do better security and inventory on all the stuff O'Neill sent before we left Earth."

"It's actually locked down and no one is supposed to go there on their own." Lorne frowned at him.

"Oops!" John grinned. "But we do need an official quartermaster group. We have enough people and stuff that we need to start being better organized."

"I'll talk to Teldy and Cadman and see who they think might be good for that," Lorne agreed.

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