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Work in Progress, 17/?

Got distracted by shiny things this weekend... meant to write and... hey! look! a squirrel!


Breakfast was quick, since they both had to attend Davies' senior staff meeting. John hadn't had a chance to put together his usual summary for Davies, after spending the evening with Rodney going through the artifacts in his lab. But he made sure Rodney had something reasonable to take with him as a mid-morning snack as he left the mess.

John was grateful to find that Lorne had anticipated his problem and had sent John a rough summary that John only had to tweak rather than develop from scratch. John sent back a quick Thanks! and forwarded his updated copy to Davies.

That gave John an unexpected half an hour to do a quick sweep of the city. He swung by the training room where Ronon was leading a session for some of the newest military recruits. While the threat of the Wraith was lessened, between the Hoffan drug and Michael's work, there still were enough Wraith that could cause trouble for the unwary. Ronon taught the newbies how to fight Wraith using everything from automatic weapons to close up knife work.

John waved at Ronon who asked, "Tomorrow?"

"Yes!" John replied.

John went on to where Cadman had set up her office and stopped for a moment.

"Anything I should know?" he asked.

"Nothing new," she replied. "Haven't found any more of those toys you found yesterday. And I"ve asked Dr. Z to look at the ones we took away from Dr. McKay yesterday."

"Good idea," John approved of the idea of getting a non-ATA carrier to do the examination. "Let me know if you find anything interesting."

"You're first on the list," she promised. "After McKay, of course!"

"Of course," he grinned.

Rodney had just sat down at the table in the small conference room. Davies had decided that smaller group meetings were more useful to him. He still had the entire senior staff about once a month, but John had come to like the smaller groups. If felt like they actually got things done.

Rodney helped himself to the ever-present coffee that Davies had on offer. John was pleased to see Rodney had passed on the pastries that were also sitting on the table.

The meeting went quickly, being just Davies, John, and Rodney. They officially met weekly, mostly to organize the official reports back to Earth. John wondered if Davies knew whatever Rodney was going back to Earth for.

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