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Work in Progress, 16/?

If I had someone as good looking as John Sheppard to work out with, I'd do more of it! ;-)


John tapped on Rodney's door before breakfast the next morning. John took the indistinguishable shout to be an "Enter!"

Rodney was sitting on the edge of his bed in t-shirt and shorts. He was sleep rumpled, and looked like he would be warm and cuddly in bed. John firmly shoved those thoughts down.

"Ready?" John asked.

"For what? What's broken? Is anyone injured?" Rodney asked, looking up in alarm. "Did I miss a call on the radio?

"You wanted to exercise," John said patiently.

"I said not early!" Rodney protested.

"It's not that early," John retorted. Well, it was just after six am... it wasn't that early.

"It's early for me!" Rodney countered.

"Come on, it's not that early!" John coaxed. "And it will be a good start to the day."

Rodney flopped back on the bed, his t-shirt riding up as he did. John looked away from the soft, plae skin that showed.

"Ro-o-o-o-d-ney," John whined. "I skipped running with Ronon to go with you."

Rodney's head lifted at that. "You did?" he asked. John was surprised to hear the pleased tone in Rodney's voice. Rodney sat up and rubbed his hands across his face. "All right, give me five minutes," he said.

"Not a problem," John said.

Rodney was ready in the promised five minutes in sweatpants, a different t-shirt and sneakers.

"Lead on," he said.

John took them out to the West pier where he had thrown the bomb into the water. "No damage from the thing yesterday?" John asked.

"Doesn't seem to be, but we're keeping an eye on it," Rodney replied.

"We're going to do some brisk walking today," John said. "You're not used to running very far, so anything we do to up your heart rate and burn calories will do you good."

"Brisk walking?" Rodney asked.

"Very brisk," John warned him. "Come on."

John set off and Rodney squawked "Hey!" as John moved away from him.

"Come on!" John repeated, waving a hand in invitation.

Rodney jogged to catch up and then settled in next to John. John knew Rodney was focusing on walking fast enough to keep up with him since there was no chatter from the other man. It wasn't too long before Rodney was puffing slightly, but not too badly next to him.

They walked in silence for about 45 minutes before they got close to John's destination. He slowed slightly and said, "We'll do a short cool down before we stop."

"Good!" Rodney puffed. John didn't think Rodney was doing to badly for a first session.

By the time they were done, Rodney's breathing had evened out and was close to normal.

"So, how are you feeling?" John asked.

Rodney considered for a moment. "Not bad, actually," he admitted.

"Okay, we can clean up and then get some breakfast," John directed.

"I'll meet you there!" Rodney promised.

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