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"Yeah, I'm okay," John replied. "What was that?"

"If I knew, I wouldn't have given it to you!" Rodney protested, waving his hands.

John grinned wryly. "I guess not," he admitted.

"Were there any more of those?" Cadman asked.

Rodney considered, then admitted, "I don't think so?"

"Okay, we have to check your lab for any more of those lovely toys," she directed.

"Now?" Rodney whined. "It's dinner time!"

"Now!" Cadman replied firmly.

"I'll get dinner brought to the labs," John said. "Teyla will do it."

Rodney sighed. "All right, all right," he agreed.

They went back to the room where Rodney had the miscellaneous Ancient devices stored. Cadman and her team went through every box Rodney had. John made sure Rodney ate some of the meal that Teyla brought -- mostly so Rodney wouldn't revert to power bars on the first day of his diet.

There weren't any more cylinders like the one John handled earlier but there were a couple of similar devices that Cadman confiscated when they finished up four hours later.

"Hey!" Rodney protested weakly.

"Almost got hurt with something like that," John pointed out.

"Oh, all right," Rodney gave in.

"Had enough to eat?" John asked.

"I guess," Rodney said.

"Not going to go back and eat whatever you have stashed in your room?" John persisted with a smile.

Rodney blushed, something John always found charming. "No, no," Rodney replied. "I think it's just time to call it a night."

John looked around the chaos left after the search for more explosive devices. "We'll get this cleaned up tomorrow."

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Rodney blushing is adorable. I'm glad Rodney has John to support him and keep him focused on his diet :)