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Work in Progress, 14/?

(a) You realize we haven't even made it to dinnertime yet? :-) Our boys have had a busy day!
(b) I love how a story organically grows; this wasn't in my head at all when I started... don't worry, I know where it goes, eventually!


John concentrated on off off off as he heard Rodney calling for help in the background.

The door to the room opened and Cadman came in. "What do you need?" she asked. Her team was right in back of her.

"I think it's like a hand grenade," John reported. "I've essentially got my fingers on the pin, but I don't know how big a blast it will make or what kind of time delay it will have. I'm pretty sure there'll be a delay, just don't know how long."

"Is it stable for now?" she asked, eyeing the otherwise nondescript device.

"Pretty sure," John reported.

John ignored Rodney's faint protest of Pretty sure?

She turned to the team in back of her. "Someone give me a vest and a helmet," she directed. Some shuffling in the hall as someone took off their vest and handed it in to her.

"Dr. McKay, you should leave the room," Cadman ordered.

"But.." Rodney started to protest.

"I'll be okay, Rodney," John said softly. "Go. Please." John was grateful that Rodney left without further protest.

"Okay, hold still," Cadman ordered. She draped the vest over John's head, pushing it gently down his chest between his arms. She then placed the helmet on his head and eased goggles over his eyes.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Let's get to a pier and drop it over the side," John offered. "Someplace not too already damaged, I don't want to break anyplace that might be fragile."

"The West pier," Rodney's voice suggested from the corridor.

"Works for me," Cadman agreed. "Can we risk the transporter?"

"I think time is more important, so we need to risk it," John decided.

She turned to the hall and commanded, "Clear the way ahead of us!" She turned back to John, "Okay, we can go now."

John saw Rodney's worried look as they passed him on the way to the transporter. One of Cadman's team had the transporter door already open and got in with John and Cadman. He tapped their destination into the map and, when they arrived, exited ahead of them.

Fortunately, the transporter let them out relatively near the pier.

"How's it going?" Cadman asked.

"Okay so far," John said as they moved to a light jog. John didn't want to lose his grip and running with both hands full of the cylinder was awkward.

At the edge of the pier, Cadman said, "Okay, let's get a grip on you, so you don't fall in with that thing." She grabbed John's belt at his lower back and the other man held on to her.

"Throw it!" Cadman ordered.

John twisted slightly, to get it away from the pier and, as soon as it left his hands, he felt himself pulled back and down to the ground, a body on top of him. He counted to ten before there was a water-muffled boom.

"Clear!" Cadman called.

They untangled themselves, John dusted himself off. "Good work, everyone!" he said.

Rodney came running up. "You're okay?" he demanded.

John looked up to see the worry -- and a flash of something he couldn't identify -- in Rodney's eyes.

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