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Work in Progess, 13/?

Evil author is evil... ::cackles and runs away::


Radek herded the 'baby scientists' off and John turned to Rodney. "Hey!"

"If you need something to do..." Rodney trailed off.

John shrugged. "Too late in the afternoon to start anything new, so I figured I come down and see if you could use any help," he explained. "Just spotted Radek first, is all."

Rodney seemed slightly mollified at the explanation. "I do have a stack of things you can play with, if you want," he offered. "Things that don't feel right or don't work at all."

"Sure," John said.

"I keep those locked up," Rodney replied. "This way." He led the way out of the main lab and went down the corridor. "Here."

Keep Out! This means YOU! --MRM PhD PhD It was hand written on the back of...

"Is that Christmas wrapping paper?" John asked in amusement.

"It was what was available," Rodney grinned back. "It works."

Rodney opened the door and the lights came on as they walked in.

John looked around the windowless room. There was shelving of sorts around the walls and a flat surface in the middle.

"Did you do this?" John asked, waving a hand.

"Nah, came this way," Rodney said. "It's in the database as a storage closet, which makes sense, this close to the labs."

"I guess it does," John agreed. "So, what you got?"

Rodney pulled a box off a shelf. "These seem to be dead, let's see if they really are," he said. He handed John an odd looking device, all angles with pipes coming out of it.

John took it and carefully thought a soft on at it. Nothing. "It feels like part of something, but other than that, nothing," he reported.

Rodney put it aside and reached into the box again. He handed John a smooth stainless steel cylinder about eight inches long and three inches in diameter. From the way Rodney handled it, it didn't seem to weigh that much. "Try this one," he said.

As John took it, it started to buzz. John quickly moved his hands over the device and found some depressions he put his fingers into. "Rodney, call Lorne and get a bomb disposal team down here," John said carefully. He considered for a moment. "Tell them to hurry."

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