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Slash Report

Okay, the WIP fic should be back tomorrow! ;-) In the meantime, I have to share something I found!

For old time SGA fans, you know Pru as Rageprufrock -- the author of the classic fic "Bell Curve, or Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room" which can be found at her web site. Stripper!John... well, kinda. If you've never read it, go there first!

And [personal profile] mklutz who wrote Genus -- Rodney and Jeanie as genies! -- at her journal. She labels it as crack, but it's a fun fic!

Well, they're not really active in SGA fandom, although they refer to it often, and fondly, in their more-or-less weekly podcast called "The Slash Report"...

They talk (for up to 2 hours!) on specific fandoms, movies, meta (the most current podcast was on science and they discussed the reality of time travel) and have a ball doing it. They're intelligent, witty, don't pull punches, and look at everything with their slash goggles firmly on.

I've learned to love "Welcome to Night Vale" from their episode about the series, about their own fascination with SGA and fandom, to stay away from "Pacific Rim" and look forward to new episodes eagerly.

They also like to take a hiatus but, like any media folk, understand how easy it is to lose listeners when you take a break. They're taking proposals for 'guest podcasts' about almost anything... between 1 and 2 hours, and at least 2 people.... anyone interested in playing? Leave a comment if you are!

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This is one of those situations where I would *love* to do something but hesitate because I'm already drowning in commitments.

But I had so much fun doing the Blog Talk Radio thing--the time just flew by! And this is something I'd be interested in. So many things come to mind too. What kind of time frame are they talking about--next month? Next month might be doable. September is kind of screwed for me. I can think if a couple of people who might want to play, too. *ponders*

It would also depend on the format. My fellow players are all in different time zones from me, so it would depend on how the podcast is run and how much of a learning curve there would be for me. The Talk Radio thing was nothing more difficult than dialing a phone number. Anything else might be beyond my ability to learn right now!

But tempting. Oh, so tempting... ;-)
It's definitely a no hurry thing... just wanted to put it out there to see if *anyone* came up for air! It's sort of having an episode 'in the can' so they can play it when they want/need a week off or when they take their hiatus. The timeframe was pretty open.

They offered to offer advice on how to do it... I think they work over Skype or something like that!

We can talk at Squee weekend and see if anyone there wants to play.
Cool! Works for me!
What a coincidence - I've been listening to a lot of slash report recently XD I absolutely love how they usually mention SGA at least once in a "report" - that makes me happy :D