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Work in Progress, 11/?

Moar! ::grin::


One of the best things about having O'Neill in charge -- and a functional, secure gate bridge back to Earth -- was that O'Neill understood how really long the supply line was. He made sure there were regular deliveries of everything he could think of, as well as things they never thought they'd need. What didn't come through the gate bridge, came on the Daedalus.

He pocketed his prizes, making a note of where he found them.

His next stop was Teyla.

"I need some special work outs with Rodney," John told her. "Flexibility more than stick fighting."

"What is the... goal of the workout?" Teyla asked.

"Rodney wants to lose some weight for some special event he has to go to back on Earth," John replied. "I thought some workouts with you, alternating with light jogging, would be a good combination. Something Rodney could handle, and would do him good."

"Rodney has an interest in improving his health?" Teyla asked, with a small grin.

"It's more, ummm, vanity, I guess," John said. "He want to show off for whatever it is he's doing. But maybe if we keep it simple enough, he'll keep on doing it after."

"He did not tell you what it was?" Teyla asked.

"Said he couldn't," John admitted.

"Ah!" Teyla gave a small grin.

"Hey! What do you know?" John asked suspiciously.

"I do not know what Rodney is preparing for," Teyla replied.

John looked at Teyla for a moment and she looked serenely back at him. Something niggled in the back of his head that she knew something but he also knew she'd not tell him anything. She was good at keeping secrets.

"Fair enough," John said reluctantly.

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