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Work in Progress, 10/?

Just because John doesn't like to do administrivia, doesn't mean he doesn't know how...


John spent the afternoon working with his senior staff -- and that he had senior staff still felt odd -- to put the plans he had outlined to Rodney into motion. Teldy had some suggestions about who they could move into backing up Cadman on the city security detail. Cadman took notes and made some of her own suggestions about who needed some training to move up into positions with more responsibility.

John thought Lorne looked a bit relieved that John was taking the concept of delegation seriously -- without having to resort to some nefarious plot to take things away from him when he wasn't looking. To some extent, this project with Rodney helped John do something he needed to do anyway.

"Laura and I will interview Prutsman, Yi, and Kloch," Lorne offered, "and make our recommendation to you. Do you want to talk to them?"

"Nah," John waved him off. "I trust your judgment and, honestly, you have to live with it." He grinned.

Lorne grinned back, a bit ruefully. "Fair enough," he said.

"Anything else?" John asked, looking around at his staff.

"I don't think so," Lorne said.

"Drop in any time," John said.

After the meeting broke up, John went off to look through their store rooms to find something he thought might help Rodney out. It took him a couple of hours to search through the supplies they had to find exactly what he wanted. He made a mental note to have someone do a complete inventory so they knew what they had on hand. In fact, they simply needed someone in charge of supplies in general. He'd see if Lorne had a suggestion.

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