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Work in Progress, 9/?

Okay, any story has some basic development... ;-)


When they were done, John handed Rodney the two pieces fruit. "Now, not at the same time, but eat these when you would normally reach for a power bar in the afternoon," John siad firmly. "And a glass of water at the same time."

John knew it was fruit Rodney liked, something like peaches in being sweet and juicy, but firmer and a bit more fibrous, which helped make it more filling. Two should get Rodney through the afternoon.

"Like I said," Rodney repeated. "The first couple of days will be easy. Then I get cranky."

"I'll keep you busy," John promised. "You won't have time to get cranky." Spending more time with Rodney was just a bonus.

"I suppose I'll have to put up with you," Rodney grinned.

"What's a better time for you to go jogging?" John asked. "Mornings or evening?"

"Mornings, I guess," Rodney offered. "Not the ungodly hour you and Ronon go running, of course."

"Of course," John repeated dryly.

"John!" Rodney whined.

Relenting, John snicker. "No, not that early," John agreed.

Rodney shot a relieved look at John.

"I'll talk to Teyla about some sessions," John offered. "We can alternate jogging and working out with Teyla. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good," Rodney agreed.

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My favorite new internet word is "hangry", that state you get in when you are so hungry you're hypoglycemic and you start to become irritable as a result. I can see this as something Rodney struggles with! :D

That's a great word! Yup! That's what Rodney gets...
The first time I saw it used I immediately thought of Rodney!
Why does this strike me as adorable? Hangry!Rodney...

I don't think either man will be upset about spending more time with each other XD
I hate to nit pick and not usually typos but I did spot one on the first line John siad firmly

Anyway, this is looking good and I love the episodic bites you are feeding us keeps us wanting more.

Oh another thing I do with dieting is for breakfast I have a yoghurt with granola mix instead of toast and a piece of fruit. I always make sure I eat a minimum of 5 fruit and veg portions a day.
Thank you for the typos... I'm into the 'either get it checked or get it posted' process and falling on the 'get it posted' side of the fence... ;-)

I stopped posting WIPs a long time ago for lots of reasons but thought I'd do one for the 'posting every day' meme.... new fic is new fic!

I like the breakfast idea... Rodney's definitely a breakfast guy anyway, so giving him some options is good! Thanks!