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Work in Progress, 7/?

I'm just a writing fool today! Just for you guys! Today's installment...


"Next time, I'll stand," Rodney agreed as he moved away from John. "What are you going to pawn off on Teldy and Cadman?"

Before the city went back to Pegasus, every one of the Lantean military were given a raise in rank. O'Neill had told them it was for now having to put up with me with a small smirk, but it also had been in legitimate recognition for their efforts in saving Earth -- yet again. John was now a 'full bird' Colonel, Lorne a Lieutenant Colonel and they had additional contingents of both Marines and Air Force personnel assigned to Atlantis. Which meant the need for more delegating on John's part.

Although Rodney had a similar 'problem', John knew. Having more people to do the lab work meant that Rodney spent more time than he liked doing administrative work, although he had cleverly pawned that off on Kavanaugh, who had applied to come back to Atlantis to everyone's surprise. Doing paperwork and making sure everyone else did the paperwork suited Kavanaugh's personality perfectly, and John suspected Rodney owed Radek his soul -- or at least a lifetime worth of favors -- for making Radek his official deputy and having Kavanagh report to Radek.

"SInce Lorne's in charge of the Gate teams," John explained, "I thought I'd put Cadman in charge of the city security and make Teldy the number two for organizing the teams. Matias will float between the two groups for now and I've told Lorne to feel out the newbies to see who might be a candidate for working with them. That way, there's an officer on deck at all times who can make decisions about gate travel."

"Like you're not going to be there regularly," Rodney scoffed.

John just shrugged. He knew is was almost superstitious of him, but he wanted to be there when the teams left and came back. Elizabeth had done it for them and, Richard Woolsey's retirement, the new guy - Roger Davies, a Brit -- was still feeling his way around the city. He also wasn't military and John was looking for a good meet-and-greet for him to go on. So he hadn't been off of Atlantis yet, either.

"There will be times I can't be there," John admitted. "Need someone who understands."

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