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Not Just a Phase, McKay/Sheppard (G)

Title: Not Just a Phase
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Umm... babies?
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Words: 424
Summary: You know those cute babies you see on TV? Well, John and Rodney didn't get one of those!

For [community profile] mcsheplets #157 Baby and I'm gonna claim this (at least for now) for my [community profile] ancientctybingo prompt of "bringing baby home"

"I wouldn't..." Rodney warned as the new nurse reached out a finger to coo at eighteen month old Julianna and tickle her under her chin.

Too late.

"Ow!" the nurse pulled her finger away quickly.

"Yeah, she bites," Rodney sighed. "And she's teething."

The nurse -- Margaret was the name on her name tag -- just grinned. Rodney heaved a sigh of relief that she didn't take it personally.

"Ah, they all go through phases like that," she said, washing her hands and putting on gloves.

Rodney wished this was just a phase. He suspected there was a pool out there betting on how many people Julianna would bite this week.

Fortunately, the rest of the checkup went well. Julianna glared when the nurse took a blood sample but didn't cry.

"Down!" she demanded at the end.

Rodney swung her off the examination table and put her on the floor, taking a second to make sure she was steady on her feet. She toddled off toward the exit, wanting to get out as fast as she could. She had inherited both of her fathers impatience with the infirmary.

Herding her toward the rooms where her play group would be, Rodney was grateful she didn't fight that. He had some work he wanted to do in the lab and John was busy training a new SGA team.

John came into their apartment after Julianna had been put to bed. The play group had been good today, although dinner was at best a draw and she had finally worn herself out enough to fall alseep.

John sank down on the couch next to Rodney. "Get any work done?" he asked.

"The entire afternoon," Rodney admitted, with a yawn. "Better than I hoped."

"Good to hear," John said.

"I'm writing tomorrow off as a total loss," Rodney warned. "I don't expect two good days in a row."

Although sometimes they got several good days. At that point, both John and Rodney would hold their breath in hope.... only to see the hope dashed by days of a miserable-to-deal-with Julianna. Rodney actually had a spreadsheet in his head.. good days and bad days in reality ran about even, but it never felt like that when Julianna was on a string of bad days.

"Check up okay?" John asked, putting an arm around Rodney and drawing him in close. For comfort... not that they cuddled or anything.

"Yeah," Rodney lay his head on John's shoulder, relaxing.

John let him sleep for a while before manhandling him into their bed.

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