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Work in Progress, 5/?

I'm having some fun here! And *I* know where it's going, let's see if you can figure it out!


John tamped down the feeling and put on a smile. "Sure, we can do that," he said. "What do you think you need to do?"

"I'm not good at this and was hoping you'd... spend time working out with me," Rodney asked, somewhat hesitantly.

John was surprised at the hesitation. "That won't be a problem," he reassured Rodney. "I've been looking for a reason to dump more things on Teldy and Cadman. Working out with you is as good as any."

Rodney's smile was brilliant. John's heart stuttered, just a little.

"What kind of a timeline you looking at?" John asked.

"I have this... thing on Earth in about nine weeks," Rodney said. "That I can't tell anyone about. Yet. But I'd like to look... nicer."

Not a person, then, which made John feel immediately better. Probably showing off for other scientists at some top secret conference. That was something John could get enthusiastic about.

"You know you can't work miracles in nine weeks," John pointed out.

Rodney grimaced. "Yeah, I know. But if I can lose like ten pounds and not wheeze like an asthmatic as I climb stairs, I'll be happy with that," he admitted.

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Rodney's smile was brilliant. John's heart stuttered, just a little.

This line made me put my hand over my heart and go, "awwwww, boys!"

Enjoying this a lot!
Rodney's smile makes John's heart stutter ♥ ♥

So now I'm curious about what's happening in 9 weeks. So much mystery to go with all the cute moments :D
Oh Rodney, John will do anything for you.

Now where is Rodney going?

work in progress

I can't wait for the next installment!

(Are the event's initials "Nobel Prize ceremony"?)