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Work in Progress, 4/?

You guys are so much fun to write for! This is the best part of SGA fandom... the people!


"Okay," John said.

Rodney started in surprise, the chair creaked alarmingly. "Just okay?" he stuttered.

"I trust you," John admitted. "When I need to know more, you'll tell me."

Rodney looked especially pleased at the compliment and John reminded himself he needed to say things like that out loud once in a while. His reluctance to say too much led him to not saying enough to Rodney.

"Thanks!" Rodney replied with a grin.

"What do you need me for?" John asked.

Rodney hesitated, as if gathering his courage, and said, "I need to... work out more." He looked down at his waistline and admitted. "I've put on a couple of pounds since we've been back and not running for my life." He gave a small grin. "Not that I mind that much. Not running for my life, that is. But I'd like to... tone up some."

John sat back, surprised. He would not have thought Rodney would have body image issues like that. John's next through was that Rodney had his eye on one of the new folk on Atlantis and wanted to make a better impression. He tried not to think too hard about why that idea distressed him so much.

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Awww! I love it when Rodney comes to John for help and advice and John assumes that it is for someone else, not him. *smishes story because it hits all my buttons*


Awww, Rodney!!!! So cute!!!! ::happy sigh::
This is what I like about John and Rodney the sweet cuteness.
Uh-oh, I'm pretty sure John will be all helpful friend despite that distress. Just like his Katie Brown "go, get the girl" advice.
Oh, boys. Don't you know you do everything for each other? Silly boys. Ahhh, I love them so much ♥ I can't wait to see what happens next 8D