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Work in Progress, 3/?

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John was intrigued, mostly because he knew the last delivery from the Daedalus had some deliveries for all of them that came... outside normal channels. The every three days dial-in between Earth and the revised gate bridge kept them in touch and reasonably well supplied. But the Daedalus brought people back and forth as well as bigger -- and sometimes irregular -- things.

John had gotten a printed letter from General O'Neill, which wasn't terribly unusual since Atlantis -- and the SGC -- now fell outside the direct military chain of command and reported to Homeworld Security. The IOA had finally imploded when the Chinese had made an attempt to take over and the Brits, Canadians and -- interestingly, enough -- the Russians got tired of the machinations and threw the entire project to the mercy of the Americans. The IOA still got to play, but in a seriously diminished capacity.

But O'Neill was usually an email guy and John knew he hated paperwork as much as John did. The letter itself was classic O'Neill -- faintly mystifying but reassuring in a back handed compliment sort of way that John had finally gotten used to. It had essentially said, you're doing a good job, keep it up. And it wasn't even John's personnel review time. That was at least another couple of months away.

John knew it was all make sense at some point. He wondered if there was any connection to Rodney's mysterious project.

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