goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

A Work in Progress, 1/?

In honor of the LJ/DW Post more, post anything effort! Heaven only knows where it will go. Or if it will get anywhere... get attached at your own risk!


"What are you doing?" Rodney asked.

John looked up from his desk to the man standing in his door. "What's up?" John asked, surprised. It usually his job to chase after Rodney and roust Rodney out of the labs. Not the other way around.

Rodney shifted in place, projecting uncertainty. "Just thought... maybe..." he stuttered.

John put down the report he was reading and really looked at Rodney. "What's wrong?"

"Can I sit?" Rodney asked, faintly.

"Yeah, sure," John said, pushing his kinda wobbly 'guest' chair in Rodney's direction. It was wobbly on purpose; it was to keep anyone from getting too comfortable and staying too long. Lorne stood a lot when visiting with John.

Rodney sat gingerly.


There you go! ::grin::

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Tags: wip fic

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