goddess47 (goddess47) wrote,

Naked Nano! DONE!

::drops in exhaustion::

So I spent July working on an original-ish story, "Any Maybe A Bit Wiser" for Keira Marcos' July Naked Nano. One writes and posts without editing, readers are only allowed to cheer on and not nit pick. A gold star to anyone that figures out why it's "original-ish"... ;-) There are folk in my flist who should be able to do that!

I've looked at Keira's Naked Nano before, but it's been in November when I use the NaNo time to write my SGA Santa exchange fic. So posting even an alpha version of that story isn't going to happen.

While RL was happening around me, it was good to have this story to go back to.

Oh, and I wrote a McShep Match story at the same time... that I can't say anything more about... ;-)

On the other hand, the alpha version of the Naked Nano is here for a bit: http://nakednano.wordpress.com/category/projects/and-maybe-a-bit-wiser/

Keira will be taking that down at some point, probably in late September as she gets ready for the November Nano stories.. so if you've found this journal at some later date, that link may not work...

I plan to poke at the story, clean up the plot holes that I created for myself -- which is why I've stopped posting WIPs, expand on some things, edit others... so I hope to finish it up and share it back out when I've had some time to work on it. But August is my busiest month at work and I know I won't be able to do a lot with it for a while... but some of the fic I'm happier with have sat for a bit before I finished them anyways...

Go and enjoy!
Tags: nano, original fic

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