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I miss my show!

SyFy has a SG-1 marathon going tonight and the hubby has graciously agreed to watch....

Of course, today it the day I had to work late, but we've watched Heroes, part 1 and 2 ( ::sniffle:: )

And now the Lost City part 1 is on... Our introduction to Dr. Weir. The 'other' Dr. Weir, but Elizabeth at her best! About all we're going to see... damned day job! Need some sleep!

::snuggles TV::


I miss my show too! I've been reading the McShep Match stories and now I'm all sniffly and missing my boys.

Jeez. Heroes nearly killed me. I sobbed like a baby over that one. Now I'm really depressed! I think it's time to call it a night. My damned day job starts early tomorrow and I already know it's going to be a doozy...
I had forgotten how well done those episodes were... how you really weren't sure whether is was O'Neill that had died, never suspecting it was Janet...

Even though I knew how it would end, I sniffled at it anyway.

Have a GREAT day!
I lost cable access sometime during S3 of SG-1. So I was pleased when I was in my hotel room and saw that SG-1 was coming on...it was the second half of Heroes. I was completely unprepared, and when Janet died, I sobbed like a baby. There I was in my hotel room crying my eyes out--I was a mess!

There aren't many shows or movies that could do that to me (oddly, the older I get the easier that is) back then, but I was destroyed at the time!

I'm halfway through the day. That's a *good* thing. More McShep to look forward to this evening...
I had every intention of plopping down as soon as I got home, but things being things I came in right at the end of Lost City, Pt. 1. Now, I know who everyone is referring to as the "real" Dr. Weir.