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Squee Weekend 2013! Details!

The lovely neevebrody has all the details for Squee Weekend 4 on her journal....  here: http://neevebrody.livejournal.com/248965.html

The weekend of September 27-29 (plus or minus a couple of days, depending on how your life works)... in Greenville, SC. It's a great venue and an even better experience meeting up with like-minded SGA folk!

Check it out and/or ask questions here! 




And we should see about a meet up this summer.... June and July are pretty wide open at this point!
Please pick a date.....best to prepare now, LOL!

June and July is good for me except the weekend before and after 4th of July will be in the hills of West Virginia that week.

What does June 22 look like? It should be the week after Father's Day, so should be relatively benign, holiday wise....

Let me know!
Time and a place and I'll be there........

Well, the conflicting work related thing is all up in the air now, so I still don't know if I can come or not. *sigh*
Oh... poo! Drat this RL and day jobs!

::thinking good thoughts::
Well, if the work-related thing falls through, there will be no reason I can't come down, albeit a bit late. However, if it falls through, that's a big chunk of change I can scarcely afford to lose. So I'm not sure which way I'm rooting at the moment! ;-)
Happy Birthday :D