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So there's some pretty awesome Supernatural fic out there. (Okay, there's the usual layer of dreck, too!)

I'm not a fan of Wincest, kind of creepy and all....  but I've become a Dean/Cas fan... and something of a Sam/Lucifier fan.

Having not seen any SPN, and sure that I'm missing nuances in the stories that I'm reading (well, except for the obvious AU fic), I have Netflix and decide to watch from the beginning. I have a ton of grading to do, so it's like a distraction while I'm wading through reading papers. There are a couple of sets of papers that don't need close evaluation, just some basic reading and comments. So I'm not paying close attention to the episodes but getting the story line.

I know Castiel isn't in the first bit so I figure I should check into what the heck I'm getting into.

WTF? Cas doesn't show up until Season 4? What's with that?

Now I don't know if I want to slog through all of the first 4 seasons to get all the back story or skip to the end of season 3 to see the setup for Cas and all the angels...

Anyone out there enough of a SPN fan to make a recommendation?

Tags: spn meta

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