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So there's some pretty awesome Supernatural fic out there. (Okay, there's the usual layer of dreck, too!)

I'm not a fan of Wincest, kind of creepy and all....  but I've become a Dean/Cas fan... and something of a Sam/Lucifier fan.

Having not seen any SPN, and sure that I'm missing nuances in the stories that I'm reading (well, except for the obvious AU fic), I have Netflix and decide to watch from the beginning. I have a ton of grading to do, so it's like a distraction while I'm wading through reading papers. There are a couple of sets of papers that don't need close evaluation, just some basic reading and comments. So I'm not paying close attention to the episodes but getting the story line.

I know Castiel isn't in the first bit so I figure I should check into what the heck I'm getting into.

WTF? Cas doesn't show up until Season 4? What's with that?

Now I don't know if I want to slog through all of the first 4 seasons to get all the back story or skip to the end of season 3 to see the setup for Cas and all the angels...

Anyone out there enough of a SPN fan to make a recommendation?



When I started watching, I had pretty much the same thoughts... but I was wrong, wrong, wrong! You definitely need the first two seasons to get where Sam and Dean (and John) are coming from and why the remaining arcs are so important. You really need S3 for the completeness of Sam's story. Honestly, this show is written so well, you won't mind starting from the beginning. Once S4 begins and the storyline takes a turn, then you're thoroughly and completely hooked and you don't WANT to miss anything.

Like you, I'm not crazy about the J2 or the Wincest. I do love the angsty relationship btw Dean and Cas and the whole mind trap Dean has in relation to his brother, so I think the gen stories really appeal more to me, though I'm not that much into the fandom end of things.

Hopefully, you'll get through enough so we'll have something else to squee about in September!!

*hugs* ♥

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While I have read some good wincest stories and dabbled in some myself, I too am more of a gen brother bonding girl. I love love love their dynamic.

More to squee about! FTW!

But I'll take your advise and keep watching... having Cas to look forward to will be my incentive! ;-)

Thanks and {{hugs}}
I watched SPN from the beginning and am a Dean/Cas shipper. One of the key things, IMHO, that you may miss out on if you skip seasons 1-3 is the epic bromance/sibling love that is Sam and Dean. I don't generally ship them, but I LOVES ME SOME GOOD BROTHER BONDING. and when you watch them from 1-3 you see their relationship as siblings and get a feel for them as people and why they interact they way they do with each other, with John [their dad], with Bobby [surrogate dad] and then eventually, I think it makes Dean and CAs' relationship more profound because you have a better understanding of Dean.

That being said, NOTHING IS HOTTER THAN MISHA COLLINS SEASON 4 SEX HAIR. so if you want to skip ahead, you need to know Sam and Dean? BROTHERS - equal, but DIFFERENT. neither one is the bad guy or the good guy.
Okay, I'm watching "Bugs" from S1 and just ... creepy... I hate bugs and every twinge is now a bug crawling around....

But you and neevebrody have good advice... guess I'll be watching SPN between now and September.... and having Cas to look forward to will be an incentive!

Thanks and {{hugs}}
Even though I can't wait to get to the Cas arc myself, I don't actually ship anyone on this show. /worst SPN fan ever. Then again, I also don't read much SPN fic, and if I did, it'd be either gen Dean fic or brOTP casefic.

But the first two seasons are amazing, imo, and the third season is shaping up to be awesome as well. (I'm six eps away from the season 3 finale, so.)

And I second neevebrody's comments, about everything! More to squee about, yay! :D
Most of what I know, I know from fic, which is why I thought I'd poke at the show... although I really, really hate scary things, so watching SPN is something of a major effort for me... I've avoided anything remotely dark, scary, or has 'things that go bump in the night' for years...

I've become a Dean/Cas shipper at this point although Sam is more... promiscuous than that... I've seen (and liked) Sam shipped successfully with both Lucifer and Gabriel, so I'm kinda open on poor Sam...

There was a Dean/Gabriel mpreg AU that was... not a bad story but didn't fit my own canon... an interesting perspective, I think...

I'm about 3/4 of the way through season 1, so we'll see if I can catch up to you at some point!