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Ancient City Bingo - Round 2 now open!

Bingo Pimp

Round 2 of Ancient City Bingo is now open!
  • If you have a card from Round 1, you're welcome to use / re-use those prompts.
  • If you had a card and have, umm... misplaced it, we still have the originals and can get you a copy.
  • If you want a new card, we can do that for you also.
This is a low-key low pressure opportunity to get some prompts and create stuff... fic, art, icons, vids, meta.... and all types... gen, het, slash... as well as all ratings.... G to NC-17. You do it and we'll be glad to promote it.

We're opening the request for cards today -- Friday March 15 and you have until April 1 (no fooling!  ::groan:: ) to request a card. You then have until November 1 to do your Bingo.... everything from a single line to cover-all.

Many questions will be answered in the FAQ, which is here: http://ancientctybingo.dreamwidth.org/profile -- check that out!

Leave us a comment with an email addy here and we'll send you a card.... Or do ask any questions here also!


(And don't hesitate to leave a note to let mischief5 know how pretty her banner is! And if you snurch it to pimp Round 2 for us, do let us know where you've pimped it!)

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