Pimping and "A Visit to Rapunzel's Hair Shoppe"

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Title: A Visit to Rapunzel's Hair Shoppe
Author: [personal profile] goddess47
Summary: Severus was not happy!
Warnings: None



"Don't play innocent with me!" Severus glared. "He had nothing on at all! It was... distracting."

Harry grinned. "And that was bad... how?"

"You insisted I go to this... place," Severus growled. "I could have used a charm on my hair myself."

"Mirror, mirror..." Harry conjured. He held the mirror up. "See what I see..."

Severus stared. He touched the mirror. "It's like a dream..."

"A dream is a wish your heart makes," Harry said firmly. "It's what I see."

"What bad eyes you have!" Severus scowled.

Harry moved close. "It's true," he said softly.

Severus gave up and put his arms around Harry.

"The only naked man I want to be around is you," Severus said.

"My Prince," Harry whispered against his lips.

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